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2000 and 2009 Pics - Lakes gone missing!?

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Lakes, environment etc, pictures tell this better. Assuming google earth has accurate satellite pics, sample some lakes, and how they may have changed in the nine years from 2000 and 2009.

Abbigere Lake, 2000 and 2009

Doddabommanasandra lake 2000 and 2009

Looking at broader area around the lakes should give clues about the key reasons these lakes have vanished. Let me leave the analysis to the experts and wisdom of the crowds.


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Why not file a Petition for that?

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Filing a petition in court is the best way.

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Veerasagara lake (Yelahanka) - gone?

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Its near Yelahanka. No noticeable development or visible encroachments around the lake, yet the lake seems to have gone missing now.

Here is 9 years ago (snapshot from google earth, thanks to PSA sir).

And here is right now, all dried up:

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Scientifically speaking, how do you explain this? Ground water table depletion in the region? comment guidelines

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