APAD, what next?

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 So we are ready with following ideas for DDC 

1) Drivewell Day-DWD - In progress

2) Stick It to Show - SIS  - In progress

Pledge for discipline driving. Stick various messages to display how a pledged driver is dedicated to drive well. 

3) A Picture a Day -APAD - In progress

To add few old ideas from Prajas to consolidate and visualize future course of Project/Action within scope of this Project

4) Group Driving Day -GDD- At Concept

5) Gandhigiri at Road-GaR- At Concept

6) Kids Teach Drivers- KTD- At Concept

(Many children will hold fancy sign boards and tease wrong doers at roads, includes spitters, jay walkers)

7) Thank the Cop - TTC - At Concept

(Identify good cops who help to drive well, take pictures, videos, talk to them and show gratitude. Vague idea yet)

8) Show the Signs - STS - At Concept

(Identify the spots where signs are not installed, hold sign manually for few hours and study how drivers react if there was a signage there.)


Feel free to add more and debate on above. We are aware all these implementations are not so easy ones(specially #5)..But as someone said, we should even dare to dream !







I will vote for Lane Discipline campaign!

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My suggestion would be to just concentrate on Lane discipline campaign for few months before you endeavor with other campaigns.

We can start the campaign with Jan 1st, 2010. Lets try this campaign for next 3 months and see how things will shape.


Thanks kbsyed

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 Thanks a lot.

You said well. The above points are very long term campaigns. Each idea is concept. Based on inputs of Prajas like you, they may or may not turn into reality. Hence I put it as public post to gather inputs.

I forgot to add the Lane Driving Idea but it is part of Sticker Project. 

" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"

and, traffic marshals

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Let me add my old 'traffic marshals" scheme - check this. I still believe it's very much a workable, effective and simple scheme.

Muralidhar Rao

@Thank the Cop - TTC - At Concept

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I heard about this the first time from Ravi_D but how about we create some sort of Praja Citizen Awards for this? Or even a badge?

If we cant disincentivise bad performance, might as well incentivise good ones.



DDC, with SIS and APAD

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Bheema, excellent ideas. let us try these two for now, and depending on response, will do the rest as well. Very good concents.

For the DDC, need to now finalize the banners, and DDC landing page and be ready, work is on via other tasks.

for APAD, IDS has already jumped ahead and created a blog post inside the DDC project. The techs are thinking of a better visible and more usable feature (image upload is not very intuitive and usable right now). Techs will come up with a APAD feature ASAP.

So essentially, let us launch DDC with SIS (bumper sticker to s how you are a DD), and APAD (post pictures of those who are not DD).

Let us just do this right now, its a very powerful and nice thing you have come up with. The techs and admins are with you with full support.

 Having learned from this

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 Having learned from this post, we have another idea to facilitate implementing corrective action like designing texts, logos etc.  But as silkboard mentioned, not for now. Just in pipeline.

" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"

 for APAD, IDS has already

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 for APAD, IDS has already jumped ahead and created a blog post inside the DDC project

I was hoping to create interest to justify fiddling around and making changes in the backend. We should wait till there are more people posting pictures. No point making massive changes to the site if I am the only one posting in it. It will just hang around like prajabytes otherwise

Advocacy through Clubs and associations

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 Guys, just got to know about this through Praja mail. excellent work so far and good going.

If there is material in the form of powerpoints, I would like to take this to Rotary Clubs around the city in Bangalore and get people to pledge being good drivers. Need enough material for a talk of about 15-20 mins.

Rotary and other such clubs associations ( RWAs) can stock the stickers and hand them out to people who take the pledge. They can be given the design and they can get them printed themselves.

Looking forward to receiving the sticker.

First post hence if anything inappropriate, pl execuse




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 If there is material in the form of powerpoints

The good driving videos are on the left of the pledge. You may want to use those. Meanwhile, you may want to make the ppt template with the storyline and build on it collaboratively with the other members on the site. 

Rotary and other such clubs associations ( RWAs) can stock the stickers and hand them out to people who take the pledge. 

Wonderful idea, they can get in touch with admin@praja.in and we can hand them the design and also setup the pledge page so it can carry the RWA/rotary identifier

Looking forward to receiving the sticker.

We will bunch up the requests and mail in batches. We will begin printing this week sometime & ship soon afterward

Advocacy through Clubs and associations

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 IDS   sorry to bother but could not locate the videos. could u pl paste/email the link


Will create the outline for the PPT and post by 11th Dec.


Every Rotary Club in the city ( and there are 52 of them ) have a website and one can definitely create a page on the website for members to take a pledge. Once you have the cost of the sticker, pl let me know and I will get the District to sponsor the same.



Some video links are broken

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Sunil - noticed your comments, working to fix all broken links to ASJ's videos.

We can work on that ppt as well, could just be the video (flash files), 1 per slide. You can post the outline of the ppt as a "project wiki", or just a separate "project blog" - find links on top right of the this DDC project home page.

PPT for Advocacy

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 working on it. Will post the outline by this weekend

Keep up the good work




Expand Gyan/Wiki

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While I am trying to expand this gyan/wiki I am stuck up at beginning itself due to vastness of subject !  Thinking of doing a Pareto Analysis  for identifying the worst human factors(not external ones like infrastructure)  that are causing indescipline.

I listed few causes , please add more if you have something. And vote for the best point which you think will help MOST by correcting it ( Pareto says: a large majority of problems 80% are produced by a few key causes 20%).

a) "I guessed I would reach in 10 mins, but its not true. Hence I want to skip rules/signs to reach in time"

b) "Where is there a space, I want to drive"

c) "I want to reach home very fast" (Over-curious)

d) "I know it takes 45 mins to reach there, but boss/office says I have to reach in 25 mins"

e) "I want to be king in road, I dont care"

f) "I am afraid of other drivers, so will be driving in edge"

g) "I paid road tax. So I can drive as I wish"

h) "My passenger is forcing me reach early" - Auto/BMTC/Cab

i) "Nobody has taught me rule, driving school passed test for me"

j) "Nobody is watching me. So I can drive whatever way"

k) "I have Pajero/Skoda/Hummer/Honda/Toyota. People have to follow me"

l) "I am (so called) VIP/Minister, discipline is for public , not for me" - Remember recent event??

m) "Why should I be disciplined, while all others are bad guys? First teach them, not me"

n) "Who pays for being disciplined? Do you?"

o) "I am (sometimes Traffic) Police. No rules for me. Thats for public!"

p) "There is lot of jam already. Discipline wont help. Thats just good in theory"





" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"

Ah, traffic, my pet peeve

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Got an invite from admin to take the DDC pledge, took the pledge, joined the group, read the posts, and I also want to contribute. I'm delighted to have found this project here.

I've written a bit on traffic problems in the past (http://blog.zehawk.in/search/label/Traffic%20Problems).

Finally, ideas seem get down to ground.

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Check concept number 5) and 6) above. Seems ORRCA is going to implement Gandhigiri and use kids. I dont care if idea was adopted from Praja or somewhere else, so happy to note that things are moving in right direction..

Full report here

" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"

Just for information

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Report says that ~Abroad, motor riders will have to go to court to pay the fine.~  But the rules are being changed even in abroad.   British Government is planning to implement on the spot fine collection system  for  traffic violations across England in preparation for 2012 Olympics. 

And APAD is doing much more than it was expected

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A lot of people are posting a lot of violations on the BTP facebook base. Its good to see those snaps and then BTP's action on them. I hope that they must be transparent in all those actions as well. Traffic violations to footpath driving/parking and also illegal number plates also being posted and action being taken. Good to see citzen participation there.


 so happy to note that things

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 so happy to note that things are moving in right direction..

Indeed, APAD has kickstarted many initiatives. Praja team should proud of this. Next steps is to advocate basic driving skills. Tyre on tarmac, merging habits, looking for signboards on the roadside, keeping mirrors & lights on vehicles functional etc. Start with a DDC club meetup & finalize this & then take it up authorities.

Selfishness in a shared space

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I listed few causes ,

I think you have analyzed the causes very well, if you notice points a, c, d, h relate to being in a hurry. Most of the other causes are used as excuse/reason accomplish this cause. We dont give enough time because we know we can break rules & get ahead. Its the same in a queue at the counter also.

The root cause is selfishness which is not penalized and hence become okay to break. If you notice when some people are following rules and a single guys breaks off the rest see that nothing happens to him & follow suit.

Outside your house in any public space you have to share the space with other citzens & the fact that they are there to accomplish the same functions as you are has to be respected. If you are in a hurry & want to get ahead you need to ask permission & gain sympathy fo your situation so they agree to let you ahead. Else you stay put. There has to be a societal stigma & penalties attached to selfishness in a shared space. 

Are we selfish as a culture? Do we realize that this selfishness is leading to our downfall & manifests from the smallest queue at a counter & driving habits on road to corruption at the topmost level? How do we propogate this consiousness of shared space & unselfish respect? 

Cinema videos

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Recently, GMs CSR folks and BTP are arranging to play a concatenation of footage from Bangalore's traffic videos showing some horrific accidents as a result of traffic violations.  The message was powerful.  Probably needs lot more repetition to sink in though. Maybe PRAJA collaborating in such a venture and producing more educational videos would be a good idea.

BTP is basically Mr. Sood and I know one of the GM guys involved.  Want me to explore, link up? 

Want me to explore, link

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Want me to explore, link up?

Yup, any initiative is welcome.