Disclipline Driving Guidelines for Bangalore Conditions

  Suddenly I have felt that I was focusing on myself, my vehicle type , and my road (Hosur Road mainly) while I was narrating my experiences of lane driving. I felt I have poor vision about other driver/driving  conditions, vehicle size etc. So I am starting a wiki where we should consider all factors affecting discliplined driving according to various conditions. All are welcome to edit/refine and update this wiki/gyan. Ultimate idea is to provide a user' guide to any type of vehicle driver, vehicle type, road type, area type , weather condition, special events etc. For example even if an auto driver wants to join the club he should have the proper guidelines(not advisory) to practise discipline. This is going to be big work , some what like Google Transit Project where continuous crowdsourcing efforts required like wikipedia, else lost somewhere in space.

So all Prajas (even non-members of the Project), feel free to contribute to make this as valuable resource for all types of to-be-discliplined drivers and general public. Hope some one from Bangalore Traffic Police Department will peek-in and add value further. (Dont mind if that does not happen). I have read their FAQ page which is of great value to disciplined drivers. Last but not least idea of creating this document is make it printable so that it reaches to common people too.

OK, enough told.

Discliplined driving does not mean just following rules as written in book. We presume a driver takes care of safety of self and fellow passengers. In an emergency situation, safety and common sense comes first than even rules/discipline !!!

But every moment is not emergency, to keep in mind.

So DD(disciplined driving)  should be classified under following category though generic discipline will apply to all DDs. 

a) By Vehicle Type/Size

Motor bike, Bicycle, Auto, Tractor, Truck etc


b) By Road Condition

Tarred, Raw, Work in progress road, etc


c) By Road Type/Width

One way, No Lane marks, Lane marked, Very narrow, Galli etc


d) By Location(Area)

School zone, Market area, Bus/Railway station(not bus stops) areas, Rural etc


e) By Season/Weather conditions

Rainy, Windy, Foggy, Dusty etc


f) By Special Events 

Like traffic jams, processions, Ambulance/Accident/Riot situations etc


While I would start elaborating each with my own experience and thoughts, all are welcome to edit. Afterall its wiki ! 



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