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Are we like this only!?

See the cab standing fully in the middle of the junction when its FULL RED.

Scene taken at the Maharaja junction in Koramangala.

I have taken the picture from my car, when I am at the front and see how far it is from the stopping. And then it caused nuisance to all the other vehicles passing by which has the GREEN light, It didn't had simple respect and sense for the road and other vehicles that atleast come back a few inches and make way for others.

He's parked almost in the centre of the road (facing Vishnu Uphaar, S T Bed layout, K'Mangala), blocking even part of the side road - picture taken at around 10AM on Saturday, 16th April. And, it remained that way for close to half an hour.

And, if it was not for a Saturday, it would definitely have led to traffic jam.

Have a look at this picture, this clearly indicates how bad the scenarios are in Bangalore. Where we have the resources we are not using them.

This picture is near the BEL.

(1) A good bus stop with the shelter is seen, but all empty, no person waiting at the bus-stop, all standing somewhere else.

(2) Bus also not coming till stop, it also stopped where people were standing.
(I have a better example if people still don't want to understand this indiscipline, Does train while coming in the station stops where people are standing or it stops at its designated stops and then people run for their coaches?)

(3) The condition of the footpath, I won't say its great, but its there and good enough for walking.

(4) There is a proper bus-bay also, if the bus driver understands this minimal thing, then he can avoid a lot of traffic pile up behind him during peak hours.

Looking at this, we really need enforcement at strictest level until the poeple start understanding the "right of way" and "to respect others". I know we all are educated, but I think, we deserve it.

The below is a photo of the christ college bus-stop on the other side of the college.
Here, you see bust-stop is exactly where the auto is standing, that is not going anywhere, its waiting for the passengers. This is not the first kind of scneario, I have been seeing autos standing just at the bus-stops, where ideally a bus should stand. In this picture, also the bus can be seen going to the left to stop after the bus-stop, taking the whole diagonal left to go to the left lane only after the bus-stop.



See how driver has used his skillset to "swalpa adjust maadi"(kannada:  ಸ್ವಲ್ಪ ಅಡ್ಜಸ್ಟ್ ಮಾಡಿ) - the tagline of Bangalore) to available space :)

Where there is will there is way . so where is there is <little> space,  we squeeze..


Location Koramangala. in Kripanidhi College signal. Vehicle is entering from 4th block side. Time approx 8.45am.

No need to mention, there was chaos and traffic jam for 7 mins.

 See how a Hoysala Bangalore Traffic Police Patrol Vehicle is stopped across a road. This vehicle blocked 50% of road, in other words left lane is totally occupied. Not sure what is the reason by stopping in such a position. I am not commenting on it. The location is Garvebhavipalya signal. Picture taken from Garvebhavipalya Road, very narrow road. If half road blocked, its standstill there. 

Hoysala stops




People usually complain about the footpaths being at different levels, or not wide enough, presence of bus stops etc as an excuse for not using them. But this particular footpath is well laid. There are few trees, but even then, it is wide enough that u can easily go around the Trees. There are no bus stops on the way.

But, even then, you dont see manby people using them!

They give scant regard to pedestrians waiting to cross! Even if there is someone waiting on the median to cross, the expectation seems to be that the vehicles can continue on the median, while the pedestrains step back to other lane!


This is the project group to design and run a campaign wherein participants would take a pledge to be disciplined drivers, and then display a specially designed vehicle sticker to show and spread the message. Join this project if you want to help do the work to promote this campaign, like:

  • Design stickers, and also an online pledge form
  • Print a stock of stickers
  • Mail them to those who take the pledge
  • Grow the campaign with more practical and creative ideas (sponsors, events etc)

Note: This is NOT the Disciplined Driver's club (DDC) itself. If you want to join DDC as pledged disciplined driver click on this link . This project is for folks behind the DDC campaign who would shape and run it.

Check how did this project originate?

Related post regarding a honking standardization is here


[Project created on behalf of Bheema/IDS/Santsub.]

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Commit to these safe and responsible lane driving promises, we will trust you to regulate yourself, and mail you a bumper sticker that you can use to tell the world that you are a safe driver from the Disciplined Driver's Club!

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