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Yet another way to enforce traffic rules

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One can call it decentralization of traffic rules enforcement - let citizens help the police book people for traffic violations and let them be rewarded for this. 


Private vehicles install cameras in their vehicles - like how patrol police in US have one behind their front wind shields (you will know if you have seen one of those - world's craziest police chases on AXN). A vehicle mountable camera with decent features and storage capacity wont cost will cost less than Rs10000.

People could use the camera to record traffic violation of vehicles ahead of them. These video's could be submitted to the police - police should admit these videos as evidence and fine the violators. 



To subsidize the cost of the camera, the police can give a share of the fine collect to the person submitting the video. Over period of time people will easily make up the cost of the camera and might make profit too over a long run - this will drive people to record more violations and eventually reduce traffic violations. 


Solves police man power issues.
Videos provide solid proof to fine violators.
This is not rocket science.
Can control violations such as signal jumping, not following lane discipline, rash driving, wrong overtaking, etc.

IDONTSPAM's picture is a perfect example on how we can catch violators. Google search revealed that Taipei has such a system in place. It gives back 20% of the fine collected to the person who submitted the video. 



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Delhi Traffic Police on Facebook

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Delhi traffic police is available on facebook. You can take proof of violation in the form of photograph or video and publish on facebook delhi police page. Action will be taken.!/pages/New-Delhi-India/Delhi-Traffic-Police/117817371573308

It is so easy nowadays cells with 3g and facebook clients where photo can be directly uploaded to facebook.


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There is already APAD

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Photos can be photoshopped so if the traffic police have a way of verifying the genuineness of the pictures our APAD blog is sufficient for this. Unless APAD is ratified to be used in conviction one can atleast send educational messages specific to the violation by post once a month to all the identified cars violating rules in the APAD blog. We can build up the bad driving database. Tie up with Traffic police/RTO database for postal address will be needed. Messages can be automated if we can have a picklist for the APAD picture title and we can write a simple matching program to pick the right message for the right picture. The only requirement is for the picture to have the license plate also clearly readable or tag the plate number also on the title of the picture if noted down after the picture was taken.

 Live video's streaming into the traffic TMS will help avoid tampering. We could have some DDC members volunteer, take some tests to check their traffic sense beyond agreeing to commandments, and mount cameras on their dashboards. Obviously the on/off control for the camera should be in the drivers hands so it doesnt become like radiatapes and infringe on privacy by taping anything & everything from your garage.

I would be interested in reading about the Taipei case, any links?

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Having cones on lane markers to start enforcing lane discipline

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What if we have plastic cones or plastic small rods placed on lane markings instead  of having regular reflectors which no-one cares and rides with lane markings between two wheels of the car.

If somebody hits the plastic cone, he should be filed for violation.

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Excellent Idea!

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This is exciting. Money almost always works. Making money will make more people join up. Maybe one should make a business case for this. Also, maybe the violation forwarding party can remain anonymous thoughout the process. I am imagining someone send a photo/video after receiving a dynamic identity that is valid only until action is taken on the violating party and the case closed. This photo/video goes through an automated chain of events- one of which will be the stage where the plate numbers become all scrambled ( am assuming there is a 'plate recognising' software like the 'face recognising ones- or can be developed)  and the next stage involves an unbiased evaluation and report generation on the said case. This report then will become the datum for determining fines. In this process, only 2 types of people are required - one to evaluate the violation and one to determine fines and send out notices. This will work!


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Start Enforcing Lane Discipline

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If only our trafic regulating authories  enforce strict lane discipline on voilators including public transport drivers, detain them for a while and pull  them back to  the end of the regulated  lane  will solve major trafic problems.  Mere collection of fine is not sufficient . They should also be penalised in terms of time also.   

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Corrective Action is also option

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 I wonder fine in the form of money will make any difference. But humiliation makes. If you ask me, people should be given corrective action on the spot(irrespective of drivers so called 'status' ). Anyway, we have lot of work to do in public like cleaning etc as corrective action.

This is not a new idea seen in Singapore already. When doing corrective work, wrong doers should get enough "publicity" by wearing sample shirt as shown below (Of course I modified original picture, courtesy of this site.  Hope they will not mind)

Corrective Action

Corrective actions ( with wearing shirt like above)  in Bangalore could be:

a) Road Cleaning

b) Help Ground Traffic Police in his/her work

c) Attend RTO / TMC training 

But before implementing this, huge publication should be given for a given duration, so that people aware of it and ready to face such actions on them. Also people should be given a clear date when this is going to be implemented.

 Note: This is also related to this project,(DDC) may be taken as idea.




" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"
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Greetings Bheema.Upadhyaya I

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Greetings Bheema.Upadhyaya

I agree with you that fine in the form of money will not make any difference but detaining them for a while and pulling  them back to  the end of the regulated  lane  will be a big humiliation in addtion to loss of time.  
r.v. raja rao
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so this is done now - "Public eye"

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So Rithesh's proposal has been implemented, at least partially. We can post pictures to "Public eye" website. The part about public getting a part of the fine is not implemented though.

Wonder whey the Public eye website mandatory requires my details when I upload a picture. I am not comfortable doing that. You want a picture, I will supply ten a day, with number plate clearly visible. But I want the "my details" part to be optional, just in case someone somewhere in the police department may harass me later over some picture I upload.

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PublicEye Has to be a Mobile app

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Public Eye better be a phone application. Usage will be 25x higher then. comment guidelines

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