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Disciplined Driver's Club!

Disciplined Drivers Club - Pledge

Commit to these safe and responsible lane driving promises, we will trust you to regulate yourself, and mail you a bumper sticker that you can use to tell the world that you are a safe driver from the Disciplined Driver's Club!

The Pledge
I will not be selfish and drive on the wrong side of the road or squeeze into gaps to get ahead of the queue of vehicles waiting before me.
I will not depart from my lane when I approach a signal but will continue to remain in my lane even if I see gaps on the sides and in between. If my being in a lane at the signal obstructs straight through traffic I will move with the flow and take the next turn instead of blocking traffic behind.
I will not blindly follow the car in front and straddle lanes but will leave sufficient gap to be able to see the lane markings on the road and stick to my lane.
When switching lanes I will use indicators to ensure the person in the lane I am going to is aware I am coming in and gives way for me to move in.
I will pay attention to signs & direction boards on the road/roadsides and follow the information on it including adhering to speed limit signboards/information posted where available.
At an intersection if there is no space in my lane on the other side of the intersection. I will not move ahead and block the intersection even if the light is green for me
I will stop and give way for pedestrians and cyclists and will not block or stop on pedestrian crossings
If I violate any of the above I agree to voluntarily get rid of the disciplined drivers club sticker so as not to bring disrepute to the club.
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Disciplined Driver's Club

Project number:3952
Opened by:Bheema.Upadhyaya
Opened on:Tuesday, 30 November 2010 - 12:40am
Last modified:Monday, 8 October 2012 - 5:04pm
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Project to design and distribute a self pledge form and vehicle stickers for a virtual Disciplined Driver's club

This is the project group to design and run a campaign wherein participants would take a pledge to be disciplined drivers, and then display a specially designed vehicle sticker to show and spread the message. Join this project if you want to help do the work to promote this campaign, like:

Welcome to the Disciplined Driver's Club. Take the pledge (on the left), and we will mail you a vehicle sticker that you can use to tell Bengaluru that you are a Disciplined Driver. And just to jog your memory a bit, find some videos that describe good driving behavior!

Better driving for Indians

We at praja have been discussing a lot of topics related to traffic management and infrastructure. However, all said and done, with all the systems and infrastructure in place, the most critical aspect of road safety is still about everyone on the road driving responsibly. In a world where Indian driving has been notorious and even a matter of ridicule, there are still some folks out there who believe that the future can be improved by developing adequate awareness among the people.

We take pleasure in introducing you to one such commendable effort by Dr. Adhiraj Joglekar who has been developing educational videos on how to drive better and safe.

Blind spots and Mirrors Singal Manoeuvre
The first video creates awareness about Blindspots. This awareness is vital during changing lanes and overtaking. अंधेस्थान का ख़याल रखे

Mirrors, Signal and Manoeuvre
The second video introduces the principle of: Mirrors, Signal and Manoeuvre. The concept is explained within the context of driver actions such as- Moving Off, Pulling Over, Reversing Round the Corner and turning Left or Right.

At Signals Stop behind Stop Lines

At Signals Stop behind Stop Lines The world wide web has many video's on driving in India. Most show how driver's fail to follow the basic rule of stopping behind the stop line at signals. Following this rule is vital for pedestrian safety. This video, a third in the series providing driver education, hopefully will provide the required role-modelling as well as the evidence of benefits of following this rule.

At red lights, there are NO FREE left turns

Video 4: At red lights, there are NO FREE left turns Fourth in the series of driver education, this video emphasizes the fact that at red lights there is no FREE Left turn. This short video hopefully will educate and eradicate such mis-conceptions from the minds of the Indian driver's. This is vital as the idea of a free left turn puts pedestrian lives at risk.

The Zebra Belongs To The Pedestrians

Video 5: The Zebra Belongs To The Pedestrians Indian driver's are known to not follow rules. Worse still,they show no respect to a fellow human - the pedestrian. Most driver's fail to stop at the zebra crossings for the pedestrians. Perhaps this video will encourage the Indian driver's to follow the rules i.e. The Zebra belongs to the pedestrians and bring about a much needed cultural change on Indian roads.

Tyres And Tarmac

Video 6: Tyres And Tarmac (rather than bumber to bumper) One of the common experiences of travelling in India is the bumper to bumper traffic on the roads. This video suggests the need tofollow a different rule - Tyres and Tarmac. The benefits of Tyres and Tarmac rule are also demonstrated.

Merging With The Main Road

Video 7: Merging With The Main Road Driving in India is unique in that hardly anyone gives way at junctions. A typical intersection in smaller cities and towns of India is very chaotc. Whether you are in Patna, Agra, Pune or Banglore - hardly anyone follows road rules. This video demonstrates how disciplined driving helps traffic move smoothly and safely.

Leaving The Main Road
Video 8: Leaving The Main Road
Never Cut Corners
Video 9: Never Cut Corners This video demonstrates how cutting corners is a bad and dangerous habit all drivers must avoid. comment guidelines

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