DDC Quiz - 2

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 Its heartening to note the participation of DDC project members. I wish non-DDC project memebers but pledgers too get notification of this quiz somehow and participate. Plus I welcome other DDC members to post own quiz as a new project blog.

Now Q2. Does not mean that Q1 is over. Its open ended always, so be free to take Q1 too. Its a quiz of principle and ambiguity. 

Q-2: Rules vs Courtesy . In case you are held up between these. What would you do?  See the image. As per rules, he is supposed to give way as you have right of way(you are mainstream traffic). But other driver is already blocking other road. Imagine you are seeing another vehicle approaching in other lane.




I would let him go but at the same time yell at him

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I would let him go looking at the block at the intersection, because at any point of time, I would not like to make any congestion or blockage at any intersection. So, I will let him go, but try to yell at him, show him my hand (the general humiliation signal used here in Bangalore by drivers) and definitely humiliate him.


If my side was moving slowly

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If my side was moving slowly and if the "other driver" knew it will be difficult to join the on-coming traffic in my side, but still wishfully comes half way and blocks the opposite side road, i will not let him pass. In-fact, i will move very slowly in front of him, letting the vehicle behind me catch up and not give him way. Just to ensure not just me, but many people in the opposite side shout at him and make him go the opposite way than he intended.

On the other hand, if he had waited for my lane to resonably clear before crossing over to my side, i will let him join comfortably, probably help him by moving slowly and giving him way.

My experience as the "other driver" is that you always get a gap in the on-going traffic after every few spell of heavy traffic. Or i just avoid such arbitory junctions and go through signals.