Stickers sent to first 25 DDC Pledgers

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 Thanks DDC Pledgers,

First 25 pledged members have been sent DDC stickers. We know stickers are not so user friendly for pasting in car bumber. You may find little difficult, please bear with that. 

1) Ensure that you practice disciplined driving else your sticker will be like any other fancy sticker. 

2) Please be observant and note if any impact due to your  discipline. I have observed impact personally. 

3) Please free to share your experience, this will help everyone in DDC for sure.

4) Additionally you may add your own custom messages to impress other drivers. For example I have pasted like this. This time I included Kannada also, to target bad cab drivers too. My own way..



new message

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Thanks and regards
S U N I L . S
+91 90355 94890



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Can you kindly elaborate more , so that everyone understands your message better. 

" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"

Has any one received stickers?

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Hi DDC Pledgers,


I has been a week now after sending stickers. It would be great if you can confirm the receipt either via a comment to this post or via Prajabytes to me. This will make the process of "sending stickers" complete. Also other DDC pledgers will be surely interested to know/share your experiences. Pasting stickers is just a beginning. Wishing all the best for happy disciplined driving..

" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"

YAY!! I got mine

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I am a proud owner of a Sticker... received it day before!

Will be posting a pic very soon....

I also got mine, I feel proud :-)

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I got it today only :-)


Hey Bheema,

Where have you put your stickers on your car? I mean, put up a snap of the same, may be we all can have the stickers at the same place, just to create a congruency.

got mine too ...

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I got it in person from Bheema. But I have still not changed my habits enough to feel comfortable in putting the sticker on my car. That's a confession. I should get there in a month.

Received it today.

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I received the sticker today. How do I pay for it ? 

Thanks ! 



Is there a list of pledgees?

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I had finally pledged after spending time to improve disciplined habits.  Over the last 2 years, there had been considerable slippage from earlier scrupulous disciplined driving practices.  My wife was learning driving recently and I was of course sermonising on "good driving practices" sitting in the passenger seat - had to clean up my act to avoid getting into trouble :-)

I have not received the sticker, so presumably not in the first 25.  Is there a second batch going out some time soon?


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Its free materially. But ,you will pay by sharing your experiences for other DD(discliplines drivers) here. As we know we all here are data driven and solution oriented. So kindly substanciate your experience with data and suggestion any possible solutions you think of.



Thats the way we all came into DDC. I took 2 months of mind control exercise before pledging. Still, many slippages occur. So welcome ! Yes, we do send in batches. In case if you do not receive within a week or two, remind using "PrajaBytes" feature. 


" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"

Anyone sharing?

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Hi DDC Pledger,

How was/is experience of being a disciplined driver? Please feel free to share both good/bad experiences here.

Also welcome to contribute to the wikis in this project !

Have a wonderful DDC time.

" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"

It has been all OK till now :-)

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I have been always a disciplined driver, even before becoming the member of the club, and I am habitual of people honking or whatever, and somehow I am very patient when on road.

It has been overall a good experience, driving car in the lane, stopping before the crossing etc and giving the proper way to right and left turning vehicles, I do the job, but a few cabbies or BMTC buses and specifically autos make that effort to NULL.

I always be in lanes, but sometimes, I feel, like on 4 lane roads near the signals, and if I have to go straight, I try to be in the middle of 2 lanes, so that I can give space to another similar vehicle on my left side as well as right side. I mean, I have a feeling that considering the space available on the Indian Roads, we need to be a little bit practical by doing all such things as well by not blocking any other vehicles way. Because many times, it happens, when you have only 2 lanes (one way), and vehicle standing on left may get early green signal and vehicle on your right might get a later green signal that too for a shorter duration. So, a little bit of practicality is needed, but that doesn't stop me in practicing my disciplined driving.



Received DDC sticker

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Received my DDC sticker over the weekend. Thanks! 

In turn, I would like to sponsor the next batch of DDC stickers.

DDC stickers

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I still havent put my sticker on - my car was very dirty thanks to the absurd amount of dust in the road in Malleswaram owing to BSSWB and friends digging up all the streets.

However, I am basically a disciplined driver by nature - partly perhaps because I lived abroad for a few years and forgot the bad habits I had been taught here. For example, honking. There is a notion that `you have to honk otherwise nobody will see you'. I don't and have had no problem. I only honk in potentially life threatening situations - which unfortunately is about once or twice a week ! 

I find slowing down at intersections or stopping at intersections has essentially the same effect. Most of the drivers believe that by honking - the louder/more frequent the better - will blow away traffic from the other direction at intersections. I dont think that is the case. I find that at nights flashing my lights instead of honking has the same effect - to inform people/vehicles that I am approaching.

Lane driving is another art which is lost on most drivers. I find BMTC busses to be amongst the worst offenders in this category. And their `stop on demand' policy is another problem - which can be easily resolved by mandating that all the doors have to be closed and will be opened only at stops. I can understand that they might want to oblige an elderly person/woman in the late evening but stopping on demand  for able bodied young men is wrong.