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Walkathon to build awareness on SWM - 2nd Oct

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2 Oct 2012 10:00
Public Health

Citizens’ Action Forum (CAF) along with Solid Waste Management Round Table (SWMRT) has been campaigning for the introduction of Segregation of waste at Source and the promotion of the concept of Zero Waste Output at the ward level so that the need to transport large quantities of municipal solid waste over long distances to land fill sites is eliminated as the practice was economically suicidal and ethically reprehensible. We have been advocating this for the past more than two years and are very happy that BBMP has now taken effective steps to mandatorily introduce the principle of “Segregation at Source” and to establish Dry Waste Segregation and Collection centres in all the wards of Bangalore i.e. 1st October.

In pursuance of this, CAF along with Rotary Dist 3190, SWMRT and RWAs of Bangalore is organising a Walkathon on Tuesday the 2nd October 2012, 10 am starting from Tagore Circle in Gandhi Bazaar and going through Gandhi Bazaar Main Road, BMS Law College Road, East Anjaneya Temple Street, Police Station Road, DVG Road, Subbarama Chetty Road, Puttanna Road and back to Tagore Circle. This area covers a mix of both residential and commercial establishments. Mr Rajneesh Goel,Commissioner of BBMP and Mr B N Vijaya Kumar,MLA,Jayanagar have consented to participate  We are also planning to invite other elected representatives ,NGO’S, Chamber  of Commerce and Industry and  eminent  Citizens of Bangalore  

We request your participation in this endeavour to create awareness among the public of Bangalore about the right way of managing the solid waste being generated in the city.

Thanking you and with warm regards,

For Citizens’ Action Forum

N  Mukund


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How was this Walkathon?

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Did any body from praja attend? Pictures if any plesase! 

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A friend of mine was there

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A friend of mine was there just to watch. According to him it was more like a party rally with the MP and other party members.  The party MP does not care as he is busy fighting the fomer CM.

Awareness need to be provided not only to the public also to all the poura karmikas.  If they understood Kannada, its a different story. Most of them cant read. BBMP or the activists need to train them reg segregation. I thik we have too many armchair philosophers who just talk, come on the TV etc. Most of the people concerned have forgotten the main issue of where to dump the garbage. It appears that the so called "scientific disposal"is just a jargon. None want to address the disposal issue. Segregation is the jargon for everything.

This morning I saw garbage piling in the street corners tied in plastic bags. Also  today's   newspaper carried an article regarding residents of a particular area close to MG Road who carried on their regular way of garbage disposal, throwing on the streets. comment guidelines

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