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Street Cleanliness

IMG_0002I stay in one of the oldest locality in Bangalore i.e Banashankari I stage, very near to Hanumanthnagar. Recently corporation introduced the system of collecting the Household garbage thru the street cleaning persons. Now they have the push-trolley with plastic bin's which they suppose to come near each house and collect the household garbage. These garbage need to be dumped to another van which collects the garbage from the whole area and take to designated place.

Now this has becoming mess in the sense normally all the household give Rs.10 per month for the garbage collecting person in that particular streets. I find some of the xxxx (edited) who stay near our house don't pay this money. These people throw the house garbage in all corners of the street. Now all the street dogs and traffice controller cows come to eat these household garbage and spread all thru the streets and make a mess of the place. I now see the garbage collection vans come 3 times a day but still this is creating a lot of problems. Another thing to add is because of this we have seen Mosquito population is increased in our area. This is another problem along with the Dogs crying in the Night times have created sleepless nights for the household in our area. I have taken the pictures of these places and sent to no response till now.

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hygeic cleaning

ssheragu my suggestion is as follows send your pics to one of the news channels NDTV or cnn-ibn or timesnow and state that while garbage clearance is a good idea, the clearance should be done by persons wearing gloves and prtective gear this will 1) make their job more respectable 2) protect them during cleaning 3) they woll do a good job protective gear should have (1) gloves upto the elbow at least (2) rubber boots upto the knee (3) plastic clothing (4) glasses (5) head gear this is the minimum that any contractor should provide to these garbage cleaners otherwise the contractor's licence should be withdrawn and he should be convicted The truck collecting the garbage should be covered and the garbage cleaners SHOULD NOT SIT ON THE GARBAGE(this is a common sight in Bangalore) the truck should have separate seats for the grabage cleaners to sit We the citizens of Bangalore and praja should ensure that mnay thanks Srinath Heragu
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samething near our house

Samething near our house Kattriguppe, a new locality. Unless we give them regularly 25 rupees or so, they won't clean. If the regular person is on leave or absent, that day garbage will not be collected. comment guidelines

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