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Public Consultation on BBMP's new SWM tender

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16 Mar 2011 15:00
Public Health

CIVIC Bangalore has great pleasure in inviting you to a public consultation on "The new Municipal Solid Waste Management tender of BBMP: Does it have the solution for Bengaluru’s garbage challenge?"
Chief Guests: Mr. Manjunatha Reddy, Chairman, Standing Committee, Health, BBMP
Mr. Satish, Chief Engineer (SWM), BBMP
Mr. Sadashivaiah*, Chairman, Karnataka Pollution control Board.

Presided by: Mrs. Almitra Patel, Member, Supreme Court Committee for Solid Waste Management

Date: Wednesday, 16th March 2011; Time: 3PM to 6 PM; Venue: SCM House, # 29, 2nd Cross, Mission compound, off Mission Road, Bangalore 560002

Bengaluru generates close to 3500 tonnes of waste each day. Some of it is collected. Some is dumped in vacant places in the city to rot. Some is left on the street. People are left to cope with the unsightly mess, bad smell, mosquitoes, flies and rodents. Stray dogs feast on it and multiply. Plastics clog the drains. Dump yards pollute soil, water and air.  The problem of the city becomes the problem of villages. The management of city waste remains a challenge. The BBMP has a budget of Rs. 160 crores for the year 2010-11. While the earlier contracts for solid waste collection and disposal expired in 2009, a new tender is being called through e-procurement.

The objective of this public consultation on this tender is to understand:
What is in the tender; Whether this tender follows the MoEF MSW Handling Rules, 2000, and  Urban Development Department’s Policy on MSW; Whether it provides a process that can lead to end to end (total) solution at the ward level; Whether the roles and responsibilities of BBMP, contractors and door-step collectors are explicit and apt; What are the obligations and role of the waste generators, the citizens; Whether waste can become a source of income for the city? How can its collection and transportation be integrated to SJSRY, a scheme of the BBMP to generate self-employment; What roles can the RWAs/ CBOs/ NGOs play in the process; And ultimately to find a way forward to make Bengaluru a clean city with zero waste.

For details, contact: CIVIC Bengaluru (Citizens' Voluntary Initiative for the City of Bangalore), # 6, Kasturi Apartments, 35/23 Langford Road Cross,Shanthinagar, Bengaluru 560025;Tel: 22110584/Telefax: 41144126,  (M) 97318 17177
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