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Improving traffic flow on Residency Rd

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The issue of traffic management in general and road-widening in particular touches on a particularly raw nerve for most of us. That the issue polarizes most, is evident even from recent discussions right here on Praja. Often drowned out (especially by our media) in the assurances of 'hassle-free' rides, are the unglamorous 3E(s) of traffic management (i.e. Engineering, Education and Enforcement). This is where our own CBD has the potential to be a shining example. Since adding bandwidth is an unlikely option for economic and/or aesthetic reasons, roads in the CBD were over the years, converted to a system of one-ways. With some notable exceptions (e.g. KR Circle, and Anand Rao Circle flyover), Bangalore too has followed the global model and (arguably) retained at least some of the character of its CBD. While this has helped with traffic flow, a complete followthough has often led to a persistence of inefficiences in the system.

The stretch of Residency Road from Richmond Circle to Cash Pharmacy junction is one example. The addition of the Richmond Circle flyover (arguably the most dysfunctional structure in the city) resulted in a narrowing of Residency Rd to accomodate the landing of the northbound flyover ramp. This in turn led to the eventual conversion of Residency Rd to a one-way street and, in a domino-like effect, reversals of the one-way systems on Museum Rd and St. Mark's Rd. However to date, traffic flow along the stretch can at best be described as suboptimal and often, abysmal. The entire stretch (Richmond Circle - Cash Pharmacy jn) is characterized by unmarked lanes which do little to encourage proper traffic flow. This is further complicated by the Residency Rd bus-stop. Although a bus-lane separates buses from other modes of transportation, the negative feedback loop between patrons (who don't board at the shelter), drivers (who don't stop near the shelter) and bus stop design reduce the throughput of the system. The final nail in the coffin though comes from the school dropoff/pickup zone near Cash Pharmacy jn.

But solutions (like objects in the rearview mirror) are closer than they appear and relatively inexpensive.





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Very well done report

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Very well done report

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Well done TM

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Thanks for the effort Transmog, well done report.

Need to update relevant parts of BPS concept paper with your illustrations, pending on my side. comment guidelines

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