First DriveWell Day, supported by MphasiS - October 15

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15 Oct 2010

The first Drive Well day is confirmed for September 30th now postponed to October 15. (confirmed). MphasiS is supporting this first event. Based on how it goes, we can sit down with traffic police to plan the next one, and also find sponsors for the next such or similar event.

Will post more details as I get them. Anyone wants to help, PM me and I will connect you with MphasiS folks.


Postponed due to prevailing situation

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MphasiS confirms that the event has been postponed due to the prevailing situation (Ayodhya verdict and all that). Tentatively moved out by a week.

Its on this time, Oct 15 it is

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Interviews etc have been happening on FM radio.

Action is contained within MphasiS. I have some learnings to do this in better and broader way next time. A separate place on company intranet to register for this day doesn't help, should have created a place here, so that non-mphasis folks could mingle with the volunteers from Mphasis, and get them interested in other things here as well :)

Should also do multiple companies (aka sponsors a time) - in different areas, so that their publicity efforts don't overlap.

And next, focus on a shorter and crisp message may work better.

Anyway, its an experiment right now, waiting to be tuned if more individuals or companies would be interested in the concept/

Went well on Oct 15

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MphasiS put up a great show, close to 200 volunteers took over 6-7 signals around Suranjan Das / Old Airport / Old Madras roads, and handed over pamphlets, key rings, car stickers etc to many drivers.

Will post pictures etc in a bit, have been busy and running late on sharing them here.

Deccan Chronicle covered this in some articles on Oct 16/17.