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Integrating HSRL and Metro- A thought?

I'm not sure where the High Speed Rail Link to BIAL stands now (Is it still on?). If not, the forum below might be redundant. But if it is and the present alignment stands, integrating the two could be straightforward:

- BMRCL could probably design one coach (or even part of a coach) to suit BIAL passengers (baggage racks etc.) - Entrance to this coach (part of coach) would require purchase of an HSRL ticket (thus preventing other metro users from wanting to travel on it). - At the MG Rd station, passenger movement infrastructure (walkways, escalators, elevators etc.) can be used to transition to the HSRL station. - Use of the HSRL would just require using the same ticket. Going off on a tangent, another proposition is to have the HSRL begin at BMRCL's master station (Majestic). I'm guessing though that the costs of a project starting in Majestic is prohibitive and that's why HSRL was planned from MG RD in the first place. However an HSRL starting there (underground?) would Metro Phase1, BMTC SW Rail users to use the facility with minimal modal changes. transmogrifier

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Airport Rail & Metro - Our Indian Features

Hi Transmogrifier, What you expressed would have made perfect sense elsewhere in the world as most cities abroad do not plan or insist on very strict security arrangements on their metro-rail systems. One may carry suitcases, bicycles, prams, etc. on any of the Metros in cities in Europe or America, even those in japan or East Asia. Some of those that did not have arrangements for this are now retrofitting their systems to permit these to be carried now - Berlin's UBahn, one of the oldest systems, is an example. After the Parliament attack, our government had probably pushed for strict enforcement of security procedures on the Delhi metro, & this seems to have become standard, more or less. Large suitcases, etc will not be permitted to be carried on Metros, as & when new ones are built across the country, & Bangalore is no exception. There are advantages as it makes the system safer & more convenient for daily commuters that will not have large parcels with them, but it also goes against the new line of international thinking. Apart from this, it discourages vendors & petty businessmen from loading their wares on to Metro coaches, like they do on mumbai's local trains. Because of this, the City Metro will not be suitable for airport connectivity, unless additional security features are installed at each of the 40-odd stations to screen & permit luggage. If this were done, it would become more expensive & cause delays & inconveniences for daily commuters. Hence, the need for a separate rail system for the airport, with security screening features, as also city check-in facilities for the convenience of air passengers. I dont think expense is a problem now as BOOT options are available, & airport rail is assured business, when the nos. are large enough. The airport rail may not be needed now as the nos. are still not large, but it may become a necessity later. Hope the govt retains this option & plans for it during development of infrastructure.
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So much connectivity to BIAL?

An elevated tolled road proposal on the existing route, another Express highway from Banaswadi-BIAL, Metro, HSRL etc. What to take? Commuter is confused. Here is the link:
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Majestic centric model

Majestic is crowded already. I think if transfer is made like in other countries then is should be straight forward to get on HSRL. Take pink (they should make it red) line towards Byappanahalli from city station to Cricket statium stop change there for HSRL.
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Stop this HSRL insanity...

Hi -- This mornings Deccan Chronicle had a report on the proposed route of the HSRL - its pure insanity. They propose to make it run up Sankey/Chowdiah road - above Windson Manor bridge, Raj Bhavan etc. all the way to Hebbal and then cross. This is simply absurd. All it will result in is millions of trees will be cut and the beauty of Bangalore destroyed forever. What is further absurd is that the proposed route goes above the metro - which is supposed to be buried in that area -- so whats the point of burying if there is going to be another train running above. And I dont think anyone has considered how much noise is created by a train running at 150 km/h. Further, this HSRL will benefit nobody. The airport workers are not going to pay Rs 200 a day to go there. Business people who could afford it would prefer Taxis as they take them to their exact destination instead of a train station. Besides there are only 3 stops. What should be done is that the metro should be extended to the airport - stopping at Hebbal, Yelahanka etc along the way. This way, millions of people will benefit and it will take a lot of cars off the road - most traffic on Bellary - Chowdiah road is not airport traffic. Alternately they could extend the existing ring railroad around Banglore and make a commuter rail....
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HSRL - difference of opinion

Those who have used the Heathrow express and Arlanda express can vouch for its convinience. If public transport is going to be enhanced throughout bangalore this is a useful and practical addition to this list. I personally would want a BIA express AKA HSRL whichever way it goes up/down/surface/all. I would rather have a dedicated express which will allow me to carry heavy luggage than compete with normal passengers and hence avoid the metro. The population seems to be split on this one. comment guidelines

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