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A Dangerous Trend

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Since taking charge, CM Shri Yeddyurappa has spoken about his plans and ideas on a wide range of issues. But one thing he has been silent about is the issue of election to Bangalore's ULBs. But that does not mean he is disconnected from Bangalore's issues, he is reported to have "set his eyes" on the rather mundane issue of shifting the race course from present location. His other plans for Bangalore we have read about. Now, to be fair he is also the minister incharge of bangalore, and thus his interest in such minute details of bangalore's issues are perhaps well placed. But when asked about the paalike elections, which is exactly the type of issue that he should tackling as a CM, this is what he had to say as reported in an article in the Deccan Herald: “I have not thought about it as yet... Let us do some good work and then go for elections.” But he said this is the right time for officers to work for the development of the City. “If an officer wants to do good for the City, then this is the right time. There is no elected body,” the chief minister said. What do you make of this statement? Isn't it ominous for a CM to be making statements like these and worse, reinforce such seditious ideas into the babudom? or is he only making a candid observation about how our corporators operate? At best, this betrays an attempt to make political capital for himself and his party from bangalore's woes - a trend now in fashion amongst the state's politicians. At the worst, this is a seditious approach to governance that betrays total lack of faith in our political-administative setup - the CM does not believe that the elected body can do any good for the city. Worse, this says that the CM believes that the elected body is a hinderence to whatever wants to do and could cramp his style and instead of showing leadership in taking along opposite views and building consensus he thinks it is better to undermine the consitution because it can potentially bring in people whom he cannot directly control. Apparently, the current CM is a hands on - micro manager. But this is not a matter of personal style, this is an issue of governance. And governance, is supposed to transcend personalities. This is not about getting a project done, it is about building systems that can systematically take up projects and get them done. And that is why pesky little things the 74th amendment exist. This is a dangerous trend when people as high in the setup as the CM get so involved and invested in micro details of issues of the city and manipulate the system to impose their wills - even if in the name of doing good. In any case, I am surprised that the CM who seems to have a way with numbers, fails to realize that a significant chunk of bangalore's high impact projects are under the preview of NURM board, which has wisely refused to grant funds for these projects until the ULB is in place.


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out of touch?

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Does BSY need a crash course on the 'real' needs of bangalore and karnataka?

About BBMP elections, if CM is confident enough to handle everything closely, lets see if his micro management work! It will be seen how he will balance with other issues of Karnataka..fertilizer currently  being hot..

Some issues about bangalore being..

Approval for Airport Express - looks like BSY is fida with Sreedharans idea..does he have any clue what is actually needed..a metro/light rail affordable connectivity with additional stops at hebbal, sahakarnagar..with 45 min travel time!

Elevated roads btwn Kodihalli and Kundalahalli..we dont need this..what is this for? Providing exclusive race tracks for IT guys in fast cars? Whats needed is to shift focus from personal travel options to public travel..get a LRT on the HAL road connecting ITPL..then we will see how non HOV single driver cars reduce on this stretch..

Airports in tier II/III cities/towns - Has any study been done to assess the need for this? Blr-Chennai route has become almost empty already from BIA..people dont prefer air travel for short distances..instead better road and train connectivity can be seen..

Approval for PRR running parallel to NICE - They have started land notification for this. But we do not need this..they are anyway makign the prr a tolled instead we can use the NICE road itself

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This cannot happen - having two tolled roads within some 5 kms distance from each other! It doesnt even make sense! I am not sue if NICE will take this lightly - as they will probably then have competition. Didnt the govt sign some kinda coz with NICE about not having another road within "x" kms radius?
Narayan Gopalan
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directly elected mayor

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Clearly there's no appreciation of the spirit of the 74th amendment - all the more the need for directly elected Mayors.

Muralidhar Rao

Muralidhar Rao
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doing vs getting it done

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Thanks for writing this note Tarle.

I too have been watching these announcements with interest. One thing I am not being able to figure is - is he making these announcements himself, or is he being forced to say things about these "hot" issues. Knowing parts of our media, it may well be the 2nd case - newspapers love the idea of CM himself doing things, TOI has not time to dedicate to pushing CM to build "institutions" (Kasturirangan Co., liberalization of public service/utility providers).

Mr Yeddy, doing thing "yourself" in the direct fashion has some problems.

1) You may have less time for the state. Bangalore is not Karnataka. And your political opponents will be waiting to play the Bangalore vs rest card.

2) How much ever "hands-on" you may be, your view of the situation "on the ground" would be limited by the "bubble" you live in. You would tend to be driven by your "trusted friends", and banking on the advice of a few will be risky.

While the CM may succeed via these "direct" ways, the approach certainly is risky. To those who dont get it, the parallel is Nandan Nilekani doing the coding himself if Infosys customers start complaining. There is a difference between "doing" and "getting it done", between "leading" and "delegating".

Don't rush Mr CM, don't be pressure by the media. Try building and strengthening the institutions that will do the job for you and public, we don't want a CM to be wasting his time inaugurating City's flyovers.

Race course shifting

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It is really a good idea to shift the race course. Hopefully, it will set a trend to shift other large occupiers, namely the Army from the CBD. When Air Force Bases in New Hampshire, US can be deemed "not necessary" after the Cold war and commercialised, then i don't for a minute doubt that we can do the same thing in namma bengaluru given that there is no war or threat looming around.

I just hope the large land is utilised for public purposes, namely, setting up a park like the one being set up in the now defunct Central Jail.

We have to send a polite e-mail to BSY campaigning for BBMP elections. I am sure an elected body will be more responsible. 

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Re: race Course

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It is shifting MCadambi! I was informed that it is making way for the integrated Transite Centre and Majestic. I am not sure of it though. as I was under the impression KBS was going to be re-done. Also agree that non-essential to the city services like the Army can be re-located elsewhere. But before that there HAS to be STRINGENT LAWS to ensure no land grabber gets to construct any malls or commerical buildings on it. Else Bangalore will get chocked and die!
Narayan Gopalan
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Sakrama and BBMP elections

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Another important issue pending before the BSY Govt is "Sakrama". As we all know, it closed on March 31, 2008. But still, there are a lot of cases pending and much more "regularisations" need to be done. Shobha Karadlaje informed the press that they might revive "Sakrama" in December.

IMO, BSY might not want to have BBMP polls before "Sakrama". If, BBMP polls are conducted, there is very less chance of BBMP permitting another "Sakrama". This is why BSY is insisting to delay BBMP polls. 

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BBMP elections must in 3 months - say Courts

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DH - Hold BBMP polls in 3 months: HC

"Without there being any justification, the process of election is deferred and the administrator is continued, such a situation cannot be permitted or continued as it amounts to the violation of the rule book"

said the judge. 

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Race course is shifting

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According to this hindu story : There is no mention of an integrated transport hub. Apparently they want to keep the space as a open green space with an underground parking lot. -Shastri


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Subverting Democracy

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Are legislators from Bangalore city against early elections to the BBMP?
The Hindu

Sources in the Secretariat point out that many legislators are in favour of the polls by the end of the year or early next year, as they want the development projects announced for the city taken up and completed before the elections.

It is for this reason, the sources said, that the Government did not announce reservation for the proposed 147 wards published in the draft notification on August 18.

Publication of reservation in the notification would have compelled the Government to issue the final notification on both the ward delimitation and the reservation by September 30, thus clearing the way for holding the elections in October.

Many MLAs want the development projects — announced in State and BBMP budgets — to be taken up and completed under their supervision before the corporators take control of the administration, the sources said, pointing out to the past turf wars between corporators and MLAs when it came to implementation of projects.

With pressure from legislators, the Government is unlikely to announce the caste-wise reservation for 147 wards till the final notification on ward delimitation is published.

Draft notification
The sources said the Government was likely to publish the draft notification on reservation only towards the end of September or October, and it would get a minimum of 30 days from the date of issuance of draft notification to the issue of final notification as it had to invite objections and suggestions from the public for the draft notification on reservation.

Electoral rolls
The State Election Commission requires at least 15 to 20 days to prepare the electoral rolls for the new wards and announce the date for elections after the Government completes the processes of delimitation and reservation of wards.

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Sakrama Excuse!

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Was observing about construction violations that are happening around bangalore..there are many housing complexes built on 30X40 sites which are 5 floors!!! Not to mention the more considerate ppl reducing the number of floors to 3 or 4! And around the building they hardly leave any space..1 foot maximum and nothing in some cases..again a violation! As far as I know, BDA/BBMP does not allow more than 2 floors per site and a minimum of 3 feet space between the construction and the boundary compound! Why are people doing it? 1. Cashin on the real estate boom 2. Confident that sakrama will regularize every violation The more adverse effects are the strain on the resources that such construction will bring.. over crouding no lung space strain on road and traffic water sharing problems also on the other hands our slums are also going multi tiered at many places.. we need to do something very fast! The US slow down will hit us for sure...but by then our people would have done all the damage!
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Awesome Thread to read

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 In the recent Environment Support Group (ECG) meeting the present Lokaukta Mr. Santosh Hedge was lamenting about the bunch of lowly politicians that we currently seem to have. What we are missing are the real statesmen politicians like Vajpayee for one.

Our Judiciary also is going to dogs.  Police horror stories are not far behind. Look like our neighbors are waiting for our nation to crumble as it were.

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