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Crowdsourcing Public Works

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I came across this article on slashdot (a tech site). It's an excellent idea that is working for a lot of communities.

Is this something that can work in Bangalore? This a great way to report issues such that they are visible to everyone. The reports that are in the newspaper are easily forgotten. But this way it will remain until fixed.

We will also be able to guage the responsiveness of our local governments.







A lot of stuff has been happening like this.

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In India itself check this out

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This is pretty cool

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This fixourcity thing is pretty interesting. I think they should also introduce such a thing for illegal parking - let citizens take pictures of violations....




In that case

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check this thing out.

I think if you want you can start a project here and do all that. I see ESG and Janagrahaa here. Not sure how active they are.



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shall we try a "fixbangalore" here?

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Users anyway post complaints here. but it is a little unstructured. may be we should have a separate sections for complaints on the website, in a little more structured way. And we can forward all complaints to relevant department at the end of every month.

Do you think such a thing will be useful here?

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More important than a

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More important than a separate section is visibility and tracking. We need to be able to see how responsive the govt has been to a problem. We should be able to compare different wards and representatives.


The site that I mentioned in my 1st post can be directly used for Bangalore without any change I think. Email addresses of the relevant govt bodies can be added by us so that they get notified. And the public has full access to see how the problems are being handled.


The kiirti site also looks similar and promising.

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Embed one of these on praja

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Instead of addressing all civic issues at once...Can we not have a website to address issues related to single agency  like 'fixBMTC'.... so that the feedback can be effectively channeled in an focussed manner.  And also considering praja has higher visibility for BMTC and related issues... 'Fix BMTC'  Can be a pilot before training our guns on other civic issues.


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