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Expectations from the new govt.

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BJP is set to form the govt. But still, there are doubts about the sustainability of its govt., because of the million and one things that can go wrong. Those calculations are beyond my depth. But hoping that this govt. will last a considerable period of time, what are your expectations from the government, irrespective of whether you voted for it nor not? What would you like the govt. to do for bangalore? I will start with my top two wishes. Water is my top wish. and yedi has made some noises about it already with talk of bringing hemavathy to blr. artificially increasing the supply of water in bangalore is not a solution to bangalore's water crisis at all when, bangalore's internal sources have dried up and sources in its neighbourhood are politically constrained. IMO, in the long run it will be more beneficial if the arkvathy and the lakes of bangalore revived and policies on increasing the level of ground water tables are in place. Also, this solution is also shorted sighted as far as politics is concerned. On appearances you are not pumping from cauvery downstream. But hemavathy is a tributary of cauvery and pretty soon you will hit the 0.83 tmc for towns and cities down stream of bangalore wall. then what? sustainability comes from responsibility not pandering. In any case politically, water is going to haunt the new CM. Assembly elections in KA are over. But elections are due in TN and at center. So make no mistake, this issue will be milked to the maximum in the run up to those elections. Hoggenkal II is going to play out. The second issue is: Yedi has made some noises about making a maadari-city out of bangalore. I hope this does not mean that more time will be lost in rediscovering and reinventing brand new solutions on account of either hubris or vendetta. Some important solutions have already been tabled, they only have to be implemented now. For example, the various projects proposed in the Comprehensive Traffic and Transportation Plan (CTTP). CTTP itself is a part of the requirement for NURM. A lot of time has already been lost on its clock. There are some deficiencies that Naveen and others have highlighted, but the basic elements of a solution are already there in that plan. The last thing that the new government should now do is to open up a new can of worms, and insist on redoing the solution completely. Hopefully we dont end up revisiting those debates on mono/metro all over again. There is a whole list of such big impact solutions, by various B* agencies, that have already been DPR-ed for JNNURM. However, many of these proprosals are on hold at the center because there has been no elected local council for close to two years now. So the first minimal step will be to hold elections for local bodies. A better first step would be to simultaneously start the process for implementation of the Dr. Kasturirangan Committe report. While the report has already been submitted, there is some due process and legal issues that need to be addressed inorder to bring its recomendations to force. Let the solutions come from bottom by people who are paid to think about them. you please work on building mechanisms that will help in implementing the solutions. I am done with my request. Your turn.


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Citizen Participation

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Will this new government allow citizens to participate in the running of the city? SMK has committed to this before the elections, unfortunately it didnt look like the majority belived him. The problem is citizens like to be involved, while politicians dont like them to meddle with thier duties! The constructivsm is missed out in this situation. Now the million dollar question - will BJP make it to the hotseat and stay there? Will it get the 3 Independents to support it.If not I belive that the congress is getting unconditional support from the JD(s) and is trying hard to woo the 6 individuals. This is like a high scoring last over IPL match!
Narayan Gopalan
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we expect a lot

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We expect a lot from the new BJP Govt.  First being the improvement in the Mangalore Bangalore train timings, promptness, facilities etc.
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My top three things for Bangalore

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Two of these things were on BJP's manifesto for Bengaluru

  • Adapt Kasturirangan committee report for Bangalore. quick public debate etc to fine tune it, and then implementation. Once implemented, Bangalore MPC will take care of solving all other things we expect new govt to solve. (possibly even including the two things I am going to mention below)
  • Push to public transport. If this falls in Bangalore MPC's jurisdiction, then we can wait. But if not, or if Bangalore MPC will take time a long to form, please - push public transport over mindless road widening, flyover and elevated road projects. BJP had talked about strengthening BMLTA, will eagerly wait for some action there.
  • Take back that atrocious document called masterplan-2015. Everyone is complaining of congestion and uncontrolled growth, and lack of general byelaw enforcement by BBMP, and some ambitious folks have decided to raise FAR, and do away with zoning norms. That document needs serious public debate and re-work.
There went my top three for Bangalore.
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my simple top three

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For Bangalore: 

Train to airport by 2010

Metro ph I by 2010

underpasses everywhere

For Karnataka:

Improve education 

Better train/road infrastructure (blr/hassan line completion..good roads in Sedam etc)

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1. Connectivity to the new aiport and complete support for BIA (Albert Brunner), implement new plans.

2. Completion of Metro, NICE and Elevated Expressway projects.

3. Good Roads and a comprehensive implementation of Traffic ethics in bangalore

 Bangalore Chose you, Karanataka chose you. Please dont let us down.


On a serious note. Yeddi was the one who objected the hognekkal Dam project, now that he is in power and Karuna just yesterday telling to speed up a bit. This is going to be  one major issue that will disrupt the two states again. Tn Govt being Congress allie, things are going to boil over.

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My top 3 things

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My top 3 things for Karnataka

a. Develop Tier 2 cities so that people don't have to migrate to Bangalore to look for jobs - Mangalore, Hubli, Tumkur, Mandya, Mysore, Davangere, Shimoga. 

b. Set a target for school enrolment and literacy.  By 2013, Karnataka should have 85% literacy for both men and women

c. Most important - improve agricultural productivity and improve the agricultural supply chain so that farmers get a good deal for their produce.

My top 3 for Bangalore

a. A comprehensive public transport system - complete Metro by 2010 and improve BMTC coverage.  Crude oil prices are not funny anymore.  Pedestrians and cyclists should get disproportionate funds.

b. Complete road projects (BMIC Peripheral, elevated expressway included) but don't spend any more public money on roads.  Ensure proper utilization of existing roads.

c. Ensure proper masterplanning for the future.  Enough greenery, playgrounds and public spaces.


Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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my top 4

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1. Work proactively on Metro rail project. Finish all planned activities by 2011/12. 2. Increase police strength and activities in Bangalore city limits. 3. Complete Bangalore-Mysore track doubling. 4. Identify proper locations for the power plants such that there are no protests. Execute these projects.
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tips that Bengaluru could benefit from

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This quote by Ms Ammu Joseph, a Bangalore-based free-lance journalist, posted on the savekoramangala yahoogroup, says it all. If we could get the new BJP MLAs to read and assimilate this, Bengaluru will flourish, and so will the entire state.
Muralidhar Rao

This article by Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York, is worth a read, if only to wish that our mayors and/or city administration, and even the state government (to be), would be so serious and sincere about wanting to do something for our city (it was reproduced in The Asian Age today):

"London and New York: A new tale of two cities" http://www.spectato magazine/ features/ 721391/the- new-special- relationship- between-london- and-new-york. thtml
Muralidhar Rao
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My Expectations

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Improvement of Pavements, Zebra Crossings, Skywalks and Subways to cross the road. If we do not have these things in place, our public transit will literally fail because we are unable to walk safely even to nearest bus stop and force the people to use 2 wheelers and cars.

You all know my story!!

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List from which one could pick and choose, correct or add more

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1) Invite manufactureres from all over the world to set up manufacturing bases in Karnataka- this will provide jobs, train a skilled work force and improve our technology.

2) Invite tenders from international infrastructure companies (who have the tehnical knowhow and experience in sophisticated projects) to come and implement infrastructure projects in Karnataka - roads, metro rail, sanitation, power plants and efficient power distribution, drinking water projects, building an MRTS/BRTS system for Bangalore etc etc.

3) Modernize civic infrastructure in a well planned & systematic manner in cities including Bangalore and villages - including providing a good network of roads in Bangalore to providing suitable connectivity to the airport.

4) Improve public transport in cities and villages.

5) Encourage BIAL to speed up expansion and facilitate this process.

6) Remove red-tape in government and reduce corruption to facilitate and speed up economic growth. 
Expedite approvals to reasonable levels(of course not overlooking required safeguards).

7) Improve sources of revenue to the Government and plug loopholes.

8) Improve the educational system and facilitate increase of literacy rates. Facilitate setting up of world class universities, and technology schools in the state, and encourage partnerships with international schools to expose our students to the latest technologies.

8) Minimise wastage for example in distribution of power etc, control govt spending.

9) Take steps to improve the eco-system - improve greenery, safeguard forests, implement tough emission standards.

10) Importantly - Govt impetus to modernize farming and agriculture. Wastage is 26 percent- the govt should take steps to help farmers learn better practices. The farmers can substantially increase their income this way. The govt needs to assure farmers get all reasonable help to boost agricultural production and get a fair price for their produce.

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My top 5 wishes

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1. Use PPP model to start new townships around Bangalore. INvolve common man and NRIs through IPO and multinational infrastructure companies for investments. Make these township worldclass. Ensure current landowners are suitably compensated, provided with jobs and are given equity to get continued returns over a period of time. Provide incentives to companies, educational institutes to start branches there.

2. (THis may not seem like it is for Bangalore, but it is to reduce the load of people shifting to cities). Change the farming economy by introducing contract farming, use of IT for aupply chain, promote in a big way post harvest technology.

3. Promote good cultural events, life skills (or positive psychology or spirituality whatever you prefer) related events to increase the happiness quotient of Bangalore. It should be fun to stay in Bangalore.

4. Promote public transport in a big way in bangalore to ensure 75% people use public transport. Ban parking on roads in congested areas, provide smooth, reliable and comfortable travel options for all classes of people. Use Cess on petrol and diesel to fund infrastructure initiatives around Bangalore so that these areas are attractive for people to shift.

5. Bring in Land registration reforms so that it is easier and cost effective to shift from one zone in Bangalroe to another easily. Provide incentives to shift residences to be closer to work/education places for families.


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my wish list

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Urban Governance

Implementation of the Kasturi Rangan Committee recommendations in order to empower the citizens in line with the spirit of the 74th amendment.

Police Reforms

Implementation of the Soli Sorabjee Committee report.

Judicial Reforms

Provision of the necessary support to the Judiciary to speed up their work, particularly in lower courts, by modernization.

Adequate Representation for Civil Society members on Regulatory bodies like KSPCB, LDA, BMLTA, KERC, etc.

Government size

With a sizable chunk of the revenues going to meet just the salary burden, the Government size is unsustainable even as of now. With the latest Pay Commission recommendations, it is going to become even more so. And, the fact of the matter is that, with increased computerization and out-sourcing, the size can in fact be reduced to less than a third of what it is at present. This needs to happen immediately.

Water Supply

Urban water bodies have failed miserably in supplying adequate water to citizens, even with the governments having spent over Rs1105 billion on drinking water up to the 10th plan. On account of this, it's largely the poor who land up spending around Rs 6,700 cr annually on treatment of water-borne diseases, in addition to the colossal cost they pay for its availability. It is therefore high time new and credible PPP models for take over of the function by reputed private sector players are set up, after constituting a Regulatory Authority to control the resources.


Facilitation of take over of power distribution in cities by reputed private sector players (atleast two per city) as already envisaged in the reforms agenda, and in the rural areas by co-operatives.

Bus services

Capt Gopinath has given the common man 'wings'. But, unfortunately, he doesn't have the more basic wheels. Physical connectivity, both in cities as well as in the rural areas, is a very serious problem today, which can be solved almost overnight by facilitating the entry of organized, private sector players onto the scene, after addressing artificialities like the Contract Carriages Act, etc. Urgent reforms of Public Bus Transport Services sector, along the above lines, is called for.


It will be more apt to call it 'health-care-less'. Here again, the government has failed totally. The conditions in the government hospitals keep deteriorating from deplorable to pathetic, to even worse, day after day. The only way out is for their operations to be made over totally to any of the many reputed institutions existing in the field, like St John's, St Martha's, St Philomena's, Chinmaya Mission, Mata Amrutanandamayi trust, etc, etc, possibly monitored by a Healthcare services and Education Regulatory Authority, set up replacing the state Health Ministry.

Education Reforms

Whereas India could easily become the knowledge capital of the world if the initiatives by the private sector in this field, particularly Higher Education, are harnessed properly, we are today faced with an unfortunate situation where we are not even in a position to meet our own demands for skilled man-power. The bigger irony is the growing levels of unemployment amongst the so-called 'graduates'. The cause of this tragic mis-match has clearly been identified by the 'Knowledge Commission' as resulting from the stranglehold of the sector by organizations like UGC, AICTE, Medical Council, etc, which has recommended their replacement by a more liberal regime under the overall purview of a Regulatory Authority. This needs to move on a war footing.

Muralidhar Rao

Muralidhar Rao
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Namaskara yallarigu. I have

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Namaskara yallarigu. I have been one more member of this community who visit regularly but dont contribute anything. After being in a country like US for nearly yr and half and seeing the infrastructure here, would like to add few things. On my opinion these might work well as a start up process to improve Namma Bangalore.

Traffic has been the major thing for Bangalore. Any where we see today everyone speaks of Bangalore traffic. Snail pace movement.

1. Remove all bus stops before start or end of flyover. Near a hump or traffic signal or near major intersection. This creats a hell of traffic jam. Not even on corner roads. DOnt ever construct bus stops on either side or opposite to each other on same road.

2. Teach each driver of BMTC/KSRTC to follow traffic rules and lane system.

3. No trucks allowed insied city limits between 7am till 7pm. Construct wearhouse or a point at each corner of city of ORR so that these trucks can rest during this period. If possible make these points as from where smaller trucks and goods vehicle will transport to inner city.

4. Start using our railway service. There is a railway station near Dodbetthalli next to Devnhalli passing through Yelahanka. Yelahanka is well connected to city contonment, city station, yeshwantapura and Krishnarajpura. Make these points as major railway junction for use of travel.

5. Start car pooling, bike pooling. Best will be using company/factory bus. Pressurise BMTC to put more Vayu Vajra with WiFi. These buses will surely attract our IT industry.

6. Most of Engineering colleges start at 9am and we see these days lot of Yellow buses starting on road by 7am. Change these timings to bit early. And all other IT/BT/Govt industries at 10am.

7. Draw lanes on road. Doesnt matter even Chikpet/ballepet gallis and make sure every one follows them. Cameras at major junction and cops catching people who dont follow rules. Fine them heavily as much as 2000RS and points on there licence.

8. Footpaths are ment for walking and not for selling. Irrespective of caste/religion/color or anything any establishments occupying footpaths has to be brought down.Issue licence to only those who provide enough parking space. No more parking on roads.

9. Fine all those who jaywalk and stop in middle of the road for bus!Make a point no autos will be made to stop near BMTC or KSRTC bus stops.

10.No dogs or cow or bull on streets. India has enough image of having cows in middle of road.

11. Any strike or procession has to be done of peak hrs. Enough reflectors, signs to help people drive at nights. Not even a single potholes on road. Any firm which digs roads for purpose has to fill it up and lay back the road to condition.

These are few things on traffic. Now for getting back what Bangalore has lost in last few yrs.

1. Upgrade all lakes and gardens. Doesnt matter name it after dead or alive one or a allien name to it. Charge a reasonable rate. Upgarde should have a good walk ways or running tracks. Lots of place to sit around and play area for children.

2. Plant as many saplings of various species. These plants should grow tall atleast in 5 yrs(reasonable growth). Have automated cleaning and watering vehicles to clean the road and water the plants regularly.

3. Dont allow any kind of posters/banners of any kind to be displayed in public. Lets have a common place where it can be displayed.

4. No garbage should be thrown out. BBMP has to start a house to house service where they collect waste each and everyday. Private parties can be invited for this. Here in US we have several such oragnisation which collect garbage everyday  for waste managment.

5. Fine and educate people who mess the public place.

Well these are few things that I had in my mind for a long time. I thought of sharing with you people today. Please do add your suggestions to this. Lets make Bangalore, Namma Bengalooru.


Dream as high as u can, it takes u to ur goal.

Be what u are, not what other are.

Dream as high as u can, it takes u to ur goal.

Be what u are, not what other are.

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Meeting on Jun 28

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To understand the pulse of Bangaloreans, the CM has convened a meeting of trade experts, NGOs and resident welfare associations at the IISc campus on July 28. Based on the suggestions given by the participants, a development plan will be chalked out, he said. Deccan Herald comment guidelines

Posting Guidelines apply for comments as well. No foul language, hate mongering or personal attacks. If criticizing third person or an authority, you must be fact based, as constructive as possible, and use gentle words. Avoid going off-topic no matter how nice your comment is. Moderators reserve the right to either edit or simply delete comments that don't meet these guidelines. If you are nice enough to realize you violated the guidelines, please save Moderators some time by editing and fixing yourself. Thanks!

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