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Right to Services - Sakala doing well? Numbers for you

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Sakala launched in April this year, and the system should now have more than 6 months worth data for us to see. Thankfully, Sakala system makes a lot of data public. Just go to Sakala website, and then, on the right hand side, find links to "public reports", and report of last month, right now November.

The monthly report first. Here is the one for November. Sarkaari document as you would expect, with CM's message on top. right after that, there is ranking though. Top 3 and bottom 3 districts. Uttar Kannada top, Raichur bottom.

Numbers are huge. And there are variations too. Notice 25 lakhs in june, and down to 16 lakhs in September.

Month Receipts Disposals Disaposal Rate
April 808439   620825 98.59%
May 1537466 1229796 98.91%
June 2529622  2444171 98.01%
July 2440874 2288183 96.75%
August 2352212  2269982 95.63%
September 1636394  1983124 93.51%
October 1149448  1305614 96.29%
November 928673 949046 97.35%
Total 1,35,23, 75 1,32,15,551  

Notice how there are more disposals that receipts in Sep, Oct and Nov. Indicates clearing of backlogs. Data on delayed disposals are not there in the report (only a percentage provided). Also, don't calculate disposal rate purely on monthly data. I assume that disposal rate is number of times an application was disposaed within prescribed time guarantee. So in April, cases not disposed in time would be

  • 620825 were disposed. Disposal rate published is 98.59%.
  • So in case of 100% disposal rate, total disposals should have been 629703. All others were 
  • So, 8879 applications were not disposed in time, or were "late" or "pending" (roughly speaking, if I understand the terms and numbers right)

Number of complaints seems to be very low. Only 88 complaints in September, 42 in October. Such low Receipts to Complaint ration looks odd. 

Now, such huge numbers, what exactly are citizens applying for. That is where we have some story.

Go to public reports, and look at "department wise" reports. Notice two things

  • Most applications are to Food and Civil supplies department, or Revenue department
  • What are people going to Revenue department for?
  • To get Income caste or resident ceriticates. We can guess, would be for BPL/Ration cards
  • What are people going to Food and Civil Supplies department for?
  • To get "modifications in existing ration card"
  • The only other significant area with high receipts and disposals is Commercial Taxes Department, for "Issue of C Form declarations under the CST Act, 1956"

So net, net. Numbers look huge. But a cursory look through the data shows that there is massive activity for 3-4 type of things.

  • Caste and Residence certificates
  • Ration card modifications
  • Issue of C form declaration

What do above three indicate? Some kind of drive from interest groups to get people BPL/ration cards, or genuinely high self driven usage from citizens. Don't know.

Will crunch more numbers through comments on this post.

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