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'People for a cause' - banners on IRR

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Saw some folks on Sunday putting up posters and banners around Innter Ring Road spreading awareness about traffic rules. They were being well supported by the traffic cops. Inspiring indeed, and newspapers tell us that its a group of techies called PFC (People For a Cause). Good show guys!

Snippet from DH June 15:

... Some software engineers working in Dell, NetApp, IBM, Fidelity, Misys, LG, Yahoo, Sasken, Sony, Novellus, Covansys and the Embassy Group have formed ‘People For a Cause’ (PFC), a group supported by the Bangalore City Traffic Police, to create awareness about ... traffic regulations.

Bangalore City Traffic Police and PFC members will launch an awareness programme, ‘Together we can, and together we will make a difference’ on June 16 ... leaflets ... banners ... display CDs at cafeteria and recreation centres in software companies.

... Seemanth Kumar Singh, DCP (East Traffic), M B Mallikarjun Swamy, ACP (East Traffic) and A B Sudhakar, ACP (Adugodi traffic sub-division) will coordinate ...


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DCP traffic should work on the basic

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I really pity those traffic police staffs managing the traffic at busy junctions in bangalore. I do'nt understand why they have so much faith in managing the traffic manually by switching off the traffic signal whenever there is huge traffic. I think the staff should be used to discipline the traffic and let the traffic signal do its work. Its common practice in bangalore to not respect the lane discipline which is the basic thing in traffic management. Let them first enforce the lane discipline by whatever means..heavy fine..jail..license revoke ..but first and foremost lane discipline should be enforced. It does not matter what technology u use, how much fund is allocated..the situation will remain the same if there is no lane discipline. Hope DCP traffic is listening to it .


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volunteers for traffic

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I could donate 1 day a month to help Man traffic along with constables. I am sure there are more such volunteers. This has been proposed to the officials, but somehow it hasn't gone down too well with them.
Narayan Gopalan
User Interaction Designer
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Its time!!!

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We lost one of our colleague on friday at Silk board, driving a bike and coming under the back wheels of a Water tanker belonging to Oxford dental college.

We were all shocked and saddened by that news. Dying through accident for no mistake of theirs is what confuses and scares me.

My office is at BTM layout and that road being the only access road to Electronic city and ITPL from jaynamagr, JP nagar, banshankari and Kanakapura road, The traffic piles up and ive seen educated ignorants driving on the foothpath.

I have decided once a week or twice I Will stand there during peak hours holding across a banner, letting people know and if possible directing people away from the foothpath.

Can I Do that? I know I have to ask permission first from the traffic cops and im sure thy will let me do it. This week luckily Im off on thursday and friday and im going to do it.

Couple of my friends will join in. Please leave in some suggestions. let me start small close to my office.

Please leave links to any such websites which might help me.

Im angered but will make sure I spread this through love. Politely asking drivers to get off the footh path.

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