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Road to airport? Not so soon!

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Everyone, even FM P. Chidambaram seems to know that when the BIAL airport will finally be ready, it wont be accessible easily. There is practicaly no high-capacity road or rail link to connect the city to the airport. Thats the reason he asked the state Govt. to expedite the work on the connectivity and get the roads ready by next 9 months.

FM sets deadline for Devanahalli projects
Deccan Herald, India - 3 Aug 2007
The 26-km BMRDA airport expressway has been entrusted with the Karnataka Road Development Corporation Ltd (KRDCL). The expressway is proposed to start near ...

However, one needs excessive levels of optimism to believe that they can get a road ready by next 9 months. Its understandable that the land acquisition costs are high, but they should have been worrying about it long ago. Its a shame that they are still waiting for the National Highway Authority to submit a report so that they can link it to the airport. No idea about the time scale involved in that though.

Well, to summarise, be prepared for a traffic jam on your way to the new airport.


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It is not new

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 It is not new to know that, this is happening in Bangalore from the time Bangalore was getting recognised as an IT Hub.

Infrastructure was neglected from DAY 1, and same attitude is continuing and it wil conitnue. I am not sure of how long bangalore can continue with crippled infrastructure. It is going to burst one day. We will be the most lucky people to see the rise and fall of bangalore, if at all it happens. GOOD grace, it should not happen.

 But until the money hungry politicians go on in this manner, it is abviously going to happen. A huge airport where the flight to bangkok may take 3 hours, but to reach bangalore internation airport from Bannergahtta Road may take more than 3 hours :)).........


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Its not THAT hopeless

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Its not really that hopeless, is it?

I know people have had laid back attitude all this while as have the officials. It is really a sad state of affairs that we are with. But I believe it has not yet reached a point where it cant be brought back to the correct track. Empathetic officers, caring citizens should soon be able to hold politicians accountable. Thats what praja is all about.

The things have to start chaning from somewhere and we want that to happen here.



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How long still

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No point in cribbing, lets hope for the best, to migrate from bangalore which seems to be the best option ;)

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Reclassified As Special State Highway

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Reclassified As Special State Highway In a bid to expedite the land acquisition process for the six-lane expressway project to connect the new Banglaore International Airport at Devanahalli, the Government has redefined the project as a Special State Highway. The reclassification done through a gazette notification issued by the Public Works Department, has declared the expressway as a special highway under the provisions of the Karnataka Highways Act, 1964. The change will quicken the process of land acquisition and award compensation faster. The reclassification would not change the features of the road plan. The special State highway will retain the same alignment of the expressway with all its features incorporated and it would also be a tolled road, an official said. “Twenty-four companies have evinced interest in the first round of bidding, and we will soon issue them bid documents, which would enable them to participate in the final bidding.” The Bangalore International Airport, fast progressing towards completion, is expected to be ready for airline traffic by April.
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Thats interesting

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that is indeed good news. I am not sure of the scope of this reclassification, but I am optimistic that this will help expedite the completion of the road in near future if not in next 9 months. (Please consider registering on the site so that we can have a personal face to your voice).

Bangalorean: see the situation is not that hopeless after all :) Someone is doing something.


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