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Governance : Sakala, Karnataka MobileOne, email ???

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Wanted to know what is this hype : Karnataka MobileOne  and releasing by President of India ???   :


With MobileOne, people will now be able to access a number of services, including payment of utility bills and property tax, booking railway tickets, applying for driving licences and filing income-tax returns.

The platform also enables users to bring to the civic authorities’ attention non-functioning services. People can take pictures of potholes on roads or streetlights that do not work and send them to officials concerned for redressal

Where can I get all those called  List of number of services ???    I am trying understand what is this  Karnataka MobileOne 


My experience with State govt,, either emails works in any of the department including at Center.  RTI is almosty defunct in case of State govt  reply.  



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what about PGPORTAL, RTI online

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RTI  Online :


All grievances relating to to State Governments / Union Territory Administrations and Government of NCT Region of Delhi, are to be redressed by the State/ UT/ NCT Government concerned   :

How is this Karnataka MobileOne  will make difference for govt  service which I need to use ???

Looking for info on this.


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ICARE doesnt work

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I downloaded this app. it looks good and most of the servces, many of us are already doing it. like IRCTC, KSRTC or BSNL protal. it gives links to their respective portal, app is good.

but the grievance icon doesnt work. it says click a photo and upload th pic it goes to the concern authorities,...but its not working as of now. I called up the customer support they are also not aware when that will start working. they politiely said, the app is just launched and it will start working slowly.

I felt Grievance is the most improtant link, it should have been done first. I am sure their space will get blocked once its opens. eagerly looking for it...





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as much an aggregation of services as offered by "Uber"

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I saw some tweets supposedly from members of the public thanking KarnatakaMobileOne for helping pay BESCOM bills, etc. So, perhaps there's something to it, after all. 
On checking more, I find that this is as much an aggregation of services (by a IMImobile, based out of London) for Govt of Karnataka, as any Uber, Ola or TaxiForSure is doing for cab operators. So, will the government go about applying the same level of stringency to the regulatory norms in the case of KMO and IMI, as it is now proposing for the cab service aggregators? 
Simultaneously, there was some talk of setting up a public consultation site. I don't know if it's connected to KMO. Either way, I am not sure I care much for the idea - my comments on the same may be accessed here
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