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Call for a "We Do not Take Bribe" movement by government sector employees

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Into the 8th day of the fast by Sri Anna Hazare, there is a general perception and comment that government sector employees have stayed away from support to this social movement. Looking at it with an unbiased view, I do notice a gap in that segment of our civil/administrative society in this cause.

Thinking more about it, and trying to understand what is the perception behind this hesitance from that section of our population, I have come out with a different challenge to this sector, ie the government employees.

Why not, in return, government sector employees come out with a “We do not take bribe” movement.

In particular, the maximum value sectors like Road Traffic, Police, Municipality, Corporation, Electricity, Telecom sector staff.  Be diligent, and do not budge in for temptations and deviations. Enforce rules and regulations as they are to be.

Let us see how, the general population reacts to such a move, if initiated by the government sector employees.

In particular, using media, I call for highly online interactive sectors like BESCOM, Bangalore Traffic Police,Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike staff to come out with this movement.

It will be interesting to see the reverse effect when government officials say – we do not take bribe – you follow the rules as they are.

I invite government, administrative, bureaucratic team leaders and members who read this to come out with implementing such a move, for the first time in our country at Bengaluru, and let us see how public respond to this, how similar organization/staff movements  from other cities support this.

Your comments and support to this idea please.

True regards,


Ramesh Menon

Say No To Bribe - I do not take I do not give


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govt official on fast

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Expressing her solidarity with anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare, a woman taluk official of Tumkur has been on a fast for the past eight days.

For the full report in the New Indian Express, click here

The general perception of government job seekers is that they are after the 'kimbala', more than the 'sambala', apart from job permanency, irrespective of performance. There are exceptions, of course. And, when the Jan LokPal bill gets passed, exceptions will become the rule.

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