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Wrong entry by motorists causing dangerous situation at new Kadugodi flyover

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The new flyover at Kadugodi opposite to Brindavan ashram is proving a great help to all commuters in terms of saving time and travel comfort. However, a minor design flaw has already created a dangerous driving situation there. Drivers, especially of autos and bikes are wrongly entering the bridge without taking the u-turn designated for them causing accidents. This bridge has considerable amount of truck traffic and already several minor accidents have been witnessed by residents nearby.

(Wrong entry by motorists causing dangerous situation at newly opened Kadugodi flyover)

Before a major accident involving loss of life happens, I request the authorities to install necessary signage about the availability of a designated u-turn a few distance away from the entrance of the bridge. Installation of an extended road divider will also make it impossible for such dare devil drivers to access the bridge easily breaking the traffic rules.

Ramesh Menon


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Thanks for the pic, write to DCP east

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Ramesh, thanks for the pic. Few accidents have happened already I hear. Write to DCP Traffic, east bangalore.

Contact details are here. http://www.bangaloretraff...

Email of Police Inspector Traffic, Whitefield Police Station:

Phone Nos: 22943706, 9480801617

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Thanks and I will update them

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Thanks and I will update them with this post.

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Wrote this to DCP traffic east

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Pasting it here, could save 2 minutes of typing time to anyone else who wants to write in as well:


Dear Sir,

Several people are reporting accidents and dangerous practice of wrong side driving on near the North side of newly opened Kadugodi Railway Over Bridge. Please see this for photo evidence:

Besides this, perhaps due to lack of dividers, have been accidents on the Over Bridge due to overtaking. Please see this:

Wanted to bring these to your attention to so that we could avoid future accidents and traffic issues at the Over Bridge.


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Excellent. Thanks for the

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Excellent. Thanks for the support.

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I called too

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I called on the land-line. A daffedar stated that as soon as the 'saaybaru' comes, he will inform him. Meanwhile, he has got the 'writer' to take note.

Muralidhar Rao

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