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Plans for a week long programme on Waste Management [WM] at Freedom Park

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All Stake holders meet was held at freedom Park on Saturday, February 02, 2013, to discuss WM for the city. It started at 15:00 hrs at the ground level convention hall. The slogan was

“Wake up clean up”

I hope this applies to both the citizens as well as the city Fathers. The panelists on the Dias included 

  1. BBMP commissioner Siddaiah
  2. Mayor
  3. Pollution control Board Chairman Dr. Acharya
  4. Kalpana Kar x Batf
  5. FKCCI Chairman
  6. Credai
  7. City Connect
  8. Vinita Bali Britannia CEO
  9. Kiran Mazumdar shaw Biocon
  10. and others

On all 7 days experts and public will engage in the finer points on efficient garbage management.

Picture -1 Diana Barucha with Almitra Patel the expert on Garbage Management

Picture - 2 the experts with BBMP Commissioner Sidhaiya on the Dias

Picture 3 A parks Bench made of recycled plastics. 

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BBMP Commissioner Mr. Sidhaiya's advice

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BBMP Commissioner Mr. Siddaiah spoke about the 7 day programme to encourage the citizens of Bangalore to participate in the cities efforts to come out of the current garbage crisis. He felt that the corporation has been successful bye and large in making the Hoteliers adhere to segregation at source. However the cities house holds are sending the mixed garbage which is responsible for the current crisis.

His advice to the citizens was thus not to mix up garbage, but keep the wet garbage separate. This will help the corporation to collect the same on wet garbage collection days of the week. The goal was to

  1. set up process yards for wet compostable garbage
  2. Further segregation of plastic waste
  3. Plastics Recycling and or recovering energy
  4. Resulting  minimal / zero dumping would be the ultimate solution

The strategy suggested by Mr. Siddaiah thus was

  1. Each house hold not mixing up wet and dry garbage.
  2. Citizens co operation is essential for the corporation to do their bit! 

However the commissioner was silent about enforcement.

  • The contracter should not accept mixed garbage. Why he should care!!?
  • Dry and wet garbage collection on different days of the week. Was announced by the earlier commissioner but never enforced by the current.
  • Any deterent for the contracter not to mix up?
  • What is the incentive for the contracter to care about segrigation? comment guidelines

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