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FKCCI Meet with BBMP Commissioner Mr. Bharat Lal Meena

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 This meeting took place at FKCCI Committee room at KG Road Bangalore. The following FKCCI office bearers were present. 

  1. NS Srenivas Murthy [President]
  2. Eaz Ahemed
  3. MN Subramanyam
  4. A Ramakrishnan
  5. JR Bangara

 The meeting started with a welcome address by the president FKCCI. He summarized the woes of business and Industry in city. The city of Bangalore is currently having a population of 7 Million, which is expected to be 10 million in 5 to 6 years. Urban chaos due to flurry of activity is leading to depletion of green cover and much litigation. The funds allocated are in the order of 22000 crores spread over 4 years. The main problems to be addressed are

  1. quality of roads,
  2. Scientific design of roads,
  3. water logging,
  4. garbage management.
  5. Laying of water pipes
  6. Laying of power and communication cables
  7. Non payment of property tax both personal and industrial

 We don’t expect Bangalore to be a Shanghai or Singapore. However we would like our city to have its heritage and culture protected and livable. There is an urgency to take action for prevent repeating of what happened in Surat several years back.

 Eaz Ahmed sait felt that the current situation was like holding a hot brick passed on to Mr. Meena by the previous commissioner Subramanya. He listed the problems as 

  1. encroachment
  2. Collusion of government officials with encroachers
  3. lack of public participation with bbmp 

He felt that Bhartlal Meena,  if allowed to continue for a full term, could do wonders. 

Mr. Meena spoke in fluent Kannada and English. He agreed with the fact that the cities basic problems to be Green Cover depletion and Air pollution. As an IAS officer, he felt that it is the long term planning has gone haywire. The BBMP has failed to come in terms with geometric development progress rate of the city. He promised to provide better Infrastructure. Power shortage is a bottleneck. 22, 000 Crore fund available. DPR has gone for approval. BBMP is 

  1. checking expenditure
  2. sanitizing it
  3. monitoring
  4. coordinating several agencies 



















                    Bharat Lal Meena Listening

Expectations are high as always. Political Intricacies pose a challenge in getting 100% governmental support.  Mr. Meena refered to his recent proactive actions like: 

  1. Demolitions of unauthorized constructions
  2. Removal of illegal hoardings.
  3. Kalsipalyam Bus stand cleaning
  4. Signage sponsoring 

He mentioned about the co operation received from the Film Chamber of commerce counterpart for removal of hoardings and the public support for the demolitions. 

Zero Garbage drive 

  1. Local participation is the key as BBMP cannot do everything required.
    1. Garbage segregation
    2. Dry and
    3. Wet
    4. Get up early, segregate and drop garbage
    5. Garbage Education
    6. RWAs participation
    7. Garbage composting in Parks
    8. School children as green Ambassadors
  2. BBMP can give a basic salary to staff local committees.
  3. Can provide revolving / matching funds.
  4. Provide for Media participation
    1. Jagore 

Lakes Development 

  1. Total 183 lakes
  2. All will be developed
    1. 40 already under development
    2. 143 to be taken up
  3. Each lake will be unique With theme parks
  4. The Neighborhood people are the real stakeholders 

Street Lights Tendering process is through. New tenders will have 5 years guaranty clause as opposed to 2 / 3 years as of now. 

E Governance 

  1. Khata on line
  2. No tampering possible
  3. mobile complaints
  4. ten control rooms 


Questions from the Federation members were taken by Mr. Meena. The main points were:- 

  1. Parking space in the CBD area
  2. Storm Water Drains should be absolutely dry when no rain.
  3. Fine BWSSB for non compliance
  4. Stop multiple agencies meddling and damaging the roads.
  5. Improper design of road geometry
  6. Damage of roads by heavy rolling stock.
  7. MG road foot path damaged completely
  8. Inadequate public toilets.
  9. Avenue road street furniture upgradation
  10. Urgent visit of BBMP commissioner in some specific areas like City Vegitable market etc.
  11. Send a team to Lucknow [Garbage free city] 

The Kalyan Nagar example 

The BBMP commissioner was impressed by the achievements of Kalyan Nagar RWA regarding Waste management awareness among school children and parents community. BBMP should spearhead replication throughout the city. 

Usefull Numbers: Control room:-  2222-1188 2266-0000 E'mail :-



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Nice report; box drains and misc.

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Thanks for sharing the report. Wish BBMP posts the same on their website too for the broader public.
Re: contracts - this article (last 3 paras) says the same thing. Whether it is strictly implemented (always the stumbling block) remains to be seen.
Was any mention made of these box drains (DH has a quote of 30 crores in article dated 13th Nov. 2009 - could not find link to post)? RKCHARI may be involved in one of those ;-)
Re: lakes - why should lakes be restored in the current environment? All they are used for is to dump garbage and as an outlet for sewerage thus becoming a breeding ground for diseases. If they were used for recreational activities, for nonpotable purposes, and were cleansed by having mini sewage treatment plants, that would be different story ... I think all lakes should be allowed to dry up and be auctioned to the highest bidder for "development" - atleast some people make money :-)
Re: waste management - just education or implementation also at Kalyan Nagar?

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17th Cross Main , Near Shoba Apartments,
BANGALORE – 540045
Dear Sir,
Sub : Unauthorized Compound  Wall Construction on Road & Empty sites
            Sir, some people start Constructing the compound wall surrounding the part of layout, it covers 3 street has blocked because of that. This one will be going to arrest whole house of 3 Street all the house about 10 house are blocked due to this.
            Please kindly look into this. I have compliant made in BBMP Helpdesk, still there is no response from BBMP Side. Compliant No’s are 7172/7978 & 10146.
            We are seeking your kind attention and Co-operation to remove the Unauthorized Compound  Wall Construction.
                                    Thanking you very much,
                                                            Your’s Faithfully,


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