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BBMP Elections - Who could be in the driver’s seat?

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 When there is a low turn out the party in power looses. So BJP may be facing the music. This is the conclusion of the TV News-9 program that had in the days evening live. This was done by “CVOTER” for the TV-9 channel. Mr. Prakash, Narayan swamy of JDS BJP and Cong were in the debate along with two more participants, whose name I could not get. 

Out of 229 seats the magic number to win is 150. The forecast is 

  1. BJP 89-91
  2. Cong 68-76
  3. JDS 14-22
  4. Other  17-25 

So is it that Operation Lotus part II will be enacted? 

 The exit polls gave the following result. Politics 

  1. 34% BJP
  2. 33% Congress
  3. 11 JD(S)
  4. 3 Other
  5. Refused to divulge 

The program was interesting as a debate was going on between BJP Cong JDS and two citizens of repute. Criminalization of politics was discussed. All the parties do want to win elections. However, normally parties would like to have people of repute and high moral ground as their candidates. However that alone may not make the candidate 

Expenditure in elections is always more than allowed 5L as disclosed by Mr. Narayan swamy. There is a loop hole that party can spend any amount on contestant. Enormous amounts are being spent and shown as party expense. There is a flaw in the act. It excludes the money spent by party on the candidate from election expenses. This was done by Indira Gandhi. 

Higher moral vs investment idea was discussed, as money is no guaranty for winning. 

It was agreed that best government so far was SMK government. 

  1. HDK 9%
  2. BSY 17%
  3. SMK 39% 

SMK has proved his high caliber statesmanship. SMK has proved himself beyond politics. JDS is poor in governance. The fact is SMK has done wonders for Bangalore. But the fact is SMK lost the very next election. What could be the Reason? [It comes to my point that he has spoiled Bangalore exactly as in the case of Mumbai.] He like many in Bangalore has gained because of the properties that many have made in Bangalore. However he had the guts to bite the bullet. 

It was Devegowda who was responsible for BBMP. But still JDS has anti   Bangalore image because Devegowda calls him self “Mannina maga”. It is hard to get the brownie points both in Rural and city context. SMK is secular image. No coalition with JDS 

Honey moon is over for BJP as years have passed by its rule. BJP is committed to give more powers to BBMP. There was no reason to delay BBMP elections as BJP had won in Hubli and Mysore.


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When there is a low turn out

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When there is a low turn out the party in power looses

The forecast was 45% voting. Isnt that high enough for the ruling party? Quite decent turnout, its most usually like 25% in urban areas.

There were issues like missing voter names in some parts of Bangalore, I heard Murali spewing venom @ EC on TV9. Personally I forgot to change my name to ward 19 where I moved recently so I voted in ward 35, around 25 people ahead of me. Done in 30 mins.

Candidate names were in Kannada. My Kannada is slower than my English, which means I spent precious minutes reading the names (small font, in dim light of the dingy school building makes it harder) while the officials thought I didnt know how to vote and kept insisting I press the button. One person even got up to show me. Lucky it was a popular symbol I was going for just pressed it not waiting to confirm the name against the symbol. Since I switched wards last moment I didnt get to know who it was. So I voted party & not candidate, which I hate to do. I pity the independents & the first timers. The fingerprint people will definitely skip the unknown and go for the familiar symbols.

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Mine was empty

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Went at about 9.15 am, a local high school.

Before hand, I had checked with a few neighbours on the candidates - effort was to find the least criminal spirited one amongst the lot.

5 people ahead of me in the gent's queue, 2 ladies before my wife in the ladies queue.

Voting done in 5 minutes flat, as easy as it gets.

My prediction - BJP majority. 45% is not bad. And most people I asked were thinking - its better to have same party rule city as the state. But yeah, I don't know how many of the people I asked actually ended up voting.

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I am impressed - 45% is amazing

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 I was expecting a very low turn out - when all the "please please vote" campaigns during central and state elections didnt do much to push ppl to get out and vote - i had predicted a turn out of 30-35%.

Now, should we read it as a good sign or is it because of the faulty voter lists (read it bogus votes) that we have this number? We might never get an answer to that.

Anyways, brace yourself for more power cuts and water problems. I for one hope Congress makes it - the lesser of the evils i say. We have had enough of Kata and Ashok ruining this city. 

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First BBMP elections-Cambridge School Tipp Sandra polling booth

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 We, I and wife went at about 8AM. Three class rooms were earmarked for three booths. The parties, BJP and Congress both had given slips of our names in the list. As such there was no problem what so ever. There was no separate queue for gents / ladies. It was a very orderly affair as in the previous assembly elections at the same venue for us, hardly five minute walking distance.

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BJP looks set

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We went at about 3.30PM - avoided the long queues in the morning. Got done in 10 minutes flat with very few people ahead! The place was a govt school near ADA & five classroom booths were allocated. We voted the candidate of our choice, & also the only contestent who had presented her full credentials & bio-data on the election web-page ( for our ward, which was General category (Women).

Though 42% (urban) turnout seems reasonable, it is not sufficient. I think we should see something like 60-70% to qualify better as majority opinions.

Going by newspapers /TV reports, I think BJP seems set to win the maximum, though they are likely to fall short of a majority.

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Majority is not 150

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Aas rightly said there are 198 ward seats and there are 28 assembly seats,5 MP seats(One being Rajyasabha MP) , 12 MLC seats.. Which makes total of around 243 seats..

In order to rule the BBMP one must aim to get 122 seats

Out of those 45 setas already elected, BJP has 27 SEATS and opposition has  17 Seats..

And hence Its necessary for BJP to win 95 wards and NOT 150  As suggested.If BJP wins around 89 seats it can come to power along with indpendents

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Impressive - BJP in Driver's seat

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Well this election came as a surprise for every bangalorean..I could vote in RT nagar and i could see bangalore getting clearly into the folds of BJP.I really feel why Bangalore is transformed slowly from Congress Bastion to BJP?? Is BJP communal? No its the development of the BJP which fetched it so much lukewarm support from all classes n masses.Hardly in previous 2 election we could see BJP blossom. And The Govt has done tremndous work in harldy 21 months. Still goin gr8..Well if things are @ this pace Bangalore and whole of Karnataka will have a  golden period. specially the neglected north karnatka.Jai Hind.

GOin by all analysis. Its goin to be cake walk for BJP as its already having 32 Nos fro simple majority of 122. its only abt 90 more required to win the BBMP gaddi....

Jai Karnatka


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No separate queues...

190 users have liked. my booth - a common line for men and women alike. This was also only the second time I was voting (after the 2009 general election), so I was pretty excited :-) Went to the booth with parents (whose polling centre was at a different location about 0.5 km away from mine) around 8 am, stood in line behind a dozen people and was done in about 15 min. The booth where my parents went had no queue, and they took only about five minutes longer.

The entire affair was managed well - save for the Kannada on the EVMs, which I noticed some people having trouble with. Like IDS, I read Kannada slower than English, but it wasn't a probem since all the candidates had come around for campaigning earlier and deposited plenty of publicity material (flyers, T shirts, caps etc.). So I had ample opportunities to read all the candidates names, party manifestos etc. in advance. At the polling station, the officials were being provided breakfast by party workers.

Overall, I'm a little disappointed with 45%, but apparently this is an improvement over the earlier election, so I guess there's something to cheer about. Anyhow I'm looking forward to an elected body governing us after more than three years.





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ChandraShekar In Danger, I hope not

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I was disappointed to see just 30% voting in HanumathNagar . Last time CHandraShekar had won hare by huge margin (In fact he polled 93% of total vote). But He was defeated in 2008 Assembly due to BJP wave and low voter turnout..


He has done lot of  work for HanumanthNagar and he deserves a win.I hope he wins..


Coming to my ward Thats Yediyur, There were only 4 contestants. BJP, Congress and JDS contestant were not  from our ward. Atleast BJP candidate was from neighbouring ward ( i felt thats OK because if we have problem he would be more easily approachable) where s other contestants were from Uttarahalli and WIlson Garden. HOw can they expect such candidates to win? I feel In Yediyur Its either BJP Or Independent candidate will win.

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we could do without such people

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Chandrasekhar was supposedly the one largely responsible for the useless National College fly-over. We could perhaps do without such megalomanics.

Muralidhar Rao
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ill-informed politicians

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At the News-9 debate, when the LokSatta candidate from Sunkenahalli, Mr Prakash Belawadi, pointed out to the kind of waste of tax-payers' money being indulged in by the BBMP, Ms Nafisa Fazal (ex-Congress Corporator/ Minister?) was heard asking "after all, how many people pay their taxes?", obviously with a view to divert from the subject. Perhaps Madame Fazal is not aware that taxes are being paid by each and everyone whenever they buy a product or avail a service, and is therefore fully qualified to raise the question, irrespective of whether he/ she pays 'Income Tax', which perhaps is the only one that the madame recognises as a tax.

Highlights the need for better informed politicians, doesn't it?

And, Mr Narayanaswamy always comes up with near Gandhian morals. But, what he is doing in JD(S) has been the big puzzle to me.


Muralidhar Rao
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As predicted by few of us here, seems like its BJP

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20:18 PM, April 5, http://bbmpelections.kar....

BJP 112

Cong 64

Crime is okay aka JD-S 15

Guess most of us predicted this right, BJP it is. Look forward to some bold steps to fix Bangalore now. comment guidelines

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