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HU study on "equity and access in Bangalore bus system"

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DULT has commissioned Hasiru Usiru (HU) to undertake a study on "equity and access in Bangalore bus system". A concept note prepared in this connection, and submitted to the Commissioner, is attached.

Amongst other things, the Concept note says that:

  • They will use a mix of approaches to assess BMTC's service, which will include case studies, analysis of existing data, comparative analysis, field observations, user interviews, household surveys.
  • Both quantitative and qualitative data will be generated as relevant.  
  • We hope to create a base which can be mobilized for future bus-campaigns.  
  • The result will be a preliminary assessment that can be used as a starting point to more detailed efforts. We estimate that our assessment will require approximately two-three months to be completed.
  • We also propose to involve organizations working with the above user groups in the process of doing the assessment.

A preliminary meet is being convened on Friday, Feb 18, between 4.30pm - 6.00pm at ALF, Infantry Road (contact: Vinay Sreenivasa @ 98805 95032)

With the dialogue with BMTC not making much headway (as I presume from this), perhaps the agency to target now should be DULT, and from what little one has seen of the new Commissioner, Ms Manjula, IAS, may be there's better hope there. To begin with, may be the concept note itself can be discussed here.

Muralidhar Rao

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Are public welcome to attend

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 are public welcome to attend, the number given is not connecting

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Nice initiative!

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Murali Sir,

Nice initiative. Does it mean, finally a higher transport authority like "DULT"is asserting its muscle?

I went through the concept paper from HU. Initiative seems to cover all aspects of BMTC's service reach. One suggestion I would make is, approach the study with Bus Based PT service than BMTC centric one. Basically treat BMTC as the service provider, not as the ONLY SP.

In today's time and era, for any city like Bengaluru, Bus based PT system is one aspect of the overall PT system needs. I feel that DULT need to take the ABIDe's 'Transport Plan' to an higher level and draw up an comprehensive PT policy and plan that brings all forms of PT system under its ambit. Consider, Metro, Mono, proposed CRS, Auto/taxis as essential components of City's PT system where in one feeds to the other. Integration of all PT systems is necessary aspect.

In the present form, ABIDe's 'transport plan' identifies and lays out all the issues and problems that directly related to daily commute. But it doesn't offer that comprehensive vision and plan that could be implemented in near terms. It falls short on that crucial aspect.

I certainly see an opportunity for PRAJA to play its part in coming up with a "Call to Action Plan on Integrating Bus Based PT System" with all other PT systems. Focus to be on re-positioning Bus based service in the new scheme of things.



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Dear Murali avare,

DULT has not comissioned HU..they are open to comissioning us they said. We need to see how it works out.


thanks for your comments.


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In the present form, ABIDe's

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In the present form, ABIDe's 'transport plan' identifies and lays out all the issues and problems that directly related to daily commute. comment guidelines

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