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BMTC's Trunk & Feeder services

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BMTC has at long last announced commencement of the Trunk & Feeder Services (check here), which was what was envisaged when the Big-10 services were started. Prajagalu, including me have been asking for it from long - check this. Well, better late than never.

But, what is not understood is the need for the separate services to Electronic City and Chandapura, when you are providing a service every 5 minutes to Attibele. Anyone can enlighten me on this?

The success of the scheme will depend largely on the efficient operation of the feeder services. From BMTC, that's going to be a big ask. Perhaps it's time the government considered bringing in reputed private operators here.

Muralidhar Rao


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Feeder system not working efficiently for Reach 1 Metro

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Co-ordination between BMRCL and BMTC seems to be quiet less. BMTC has announced huge trunk feeder system for Hosur Road. If similar measures are started for the reach 1 Metro between ITPL and Byappanahalli and Bellandur / Sarjapur Road on ORR to Byappanahalli, usage of Metro would increase. Similarly from corporation circle and Majestic / Mantri Mall ( Mantri Mall since reach 3 Metro ends there and it is going to be operational by November).

We all know that it takes only 14 minutes between Byappanahalli to MG Road. This would save lot of time for a commuter although multiple hops.


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These are still not included in (BMTC website)!


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ridership update

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Keenly watch these light green colored Trunk bus and find that the ridership has really gone up..I see folks standing most of the time..even in non-peak hours..

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Big Trunk needed at Airport Road

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The Namma Metro phase 3 would be completed only around 2025, going by phase 1 by 2015, phase 2 by 2020, and phase 3 by 2025, if everything is operational on time (else, it could be delayed further). Till then, these are the suggestions:

  1. 298M:- Majestic to Devanahalli, with stoppages the same as others till Esteem Mall, then go on top of the flyover. Next stop would be Yelahanka (near Gandhi Nagar, for the convenience of passengers alighting, though they can board as well if they wish so). Next stop would be between Venkatala and Bagalur Cross, when the main road operates on ground, preferably for interchange. Further stoppages would be Airforce Station, MVIT Cross, Chikjala (before flyover for convenience), Sadahalli Gate, Kanamangala and beyond. Frequency of about 5 minutes.
  2. 284:- From Bagalur Cross to Hebbal Ring Road, plying underneath the flyover, and via Yelahanka Santhe Circle, and back. Stoppages as usual, with addition of the interchange stop, as mentioned above for 298M. Frequency 10 minutes.
  3. 288 (with extensions):- From Kodigehalli/Thindlu etc to Hebbal Ring Road and back. Frequency 10 minutes.
  4. 287 (with extensions):- Those plying towards Kempapura etc would start from Kempapura and proceed to Hebbal Ring Road and back. Freq: 10 minutes.
  5. 287 (with extensions):- Those plying right or left of Hebbal (e.g. Bhuvaneshwari Nagar etc) should start from these respective stops, ply towards Ganganaga, and back. Freq: 10 mins.
  6. 286s:- From Srirampura etc to Kodigehalli Gate and back. Freq 10 min.
  7. 277:- From GKVK to Kodigehalli Gate and back. Freq 15 mins.
  8. 278s:- From Shivaji Nagar to Mekhri Circle, then to Ganganagar, under flyover, and back to Shivajinagar. Freq 5 mins.
  9. 279s:- From Bhoopasandra etc to Ganganagar-Mekhri Circle and back. Freq 10 mins
  10. 284D:- Yelahanka new town to GKVK and back. Freq 3 mins.
  11. 285M:- Doddaballapur to Yelahanka NES. Freq 15 mins.
  12. Other 285s from respective bus stops to Puttenahalli. Frequency it depends., but it would be atleast double that of now.
  13. 280:- From Kogilu/Agrahara etc to Yelahanka Santhe Circle and back. Freq 10 mins.
  14. 289s:- From Bagalur etc to Yelahanka Santhe Circle and back. Freq 10 mins
  15. 282s 283s:- From their respective stops to Kogilu Cross and back. Freq 10 mins.
  16. 297s, 298s(except 298M), 299s :- From respective stops to Vidyanagar Cross and back. Freq 10 mins.
  17. 402s:- From Attur to Yelahanka NES and back. Freq 10 mins.

New Bus Routes

  1. From Herohalli to Yelahanka santhe circle via NITTE, Gantiganahalli, Ryan School, Venkatala, Yelahanka and back. Freq 10 minutes.
  2. From Chowdeshwari Nagar to Yelahanka circle and back.
  3. Other areas where bus services currently are not available, e.g. Shobha Zircon/Emerald etc to the nearest respective turnings, but including atleast ONE REGULAR BUS STOP on the Airport Road.

People should be able to travel by any of these combinations of buses by interchanging as many buses as possible en route. E.g. from Majestic to Srirampura, people can board 298M upto Esteem Mall, then board 284 upto Byatarayanapura, and then 286 to the respective place, ALL WITH ONE TICKET. On presentation of the ticket to the bus nos. 284 and 286s, the conductors would stamp their unique ID numbers on spaces provided.

As far as possible, buses operate on main road rather than service road. 298M would operate on top of flyover, the rest would operate underneath.

Later on, if the NHAI agrees, then more stoppages could be provided on top of flyover itself, with staircases of course.

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No bus stop at Yeshwantpur Railway Station/Metro Station

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It becomes extremely difficult for people alighting at Yeshwantpur metro or railway station to catch a bus, because the bus stop is nowhere to be seen nearby.

Could the BMTC introduce bus stop in this very important area?

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Some two years back the bus shelter in good condition at the junction of Indiranagar 12th Main and 100ft.Road (West side) was demolished by BBMP Advt. Dept.

After much delay and struggle it was rebuilt at the same location (in spite of request from commuters to shift it away from the signal).
Now a few days back this new shelter has been again demolished overnight for reasons best known to the concerned authorities.
Now the bus commuters are left with NO shelter from hot sun and rain.
It is not known how many days/months it will take to provide the shelter again, if it is intended to do so.
On behalf of the bus commuters and residents, it is requested to take urgent action for rebuilding this shelter and also a shelter in the reverse direction (East side of 100ft.road) which is a long-felt need.


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I wish..

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@ Mr.Vijay Srinivas,

I wish this post be read by our transport minister Mr.Ramalinga Reddy...very nice suggetions. Similarly we can have many routes like this on hosur road,Tumkur road, Mysore road and towards white field.


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