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Bangalore Metro and Pedestrian rights

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Metro Rail

Wanted to review Bangalore Metro's approach to pedestrians.

Problem statement: All over Bangalore, the metro rail elevated lines rest on concrete pillars, mostly straddling a pre-existing median.  Beneath, concrete barriers have been created so that traffic cannot cross over from one side to the other with impunity and causing problems for the opposite lane. These have been filled with mud, and green plants put in to make it look good.  This acts as a median. What about pedestrians?  Are they supposed to walk all the way till a road junction appears beneath the line, and cross over only at the junction?  

Bangalore Metro's appraoch: Based on the work done on Nanda Main Road (or 4th Main Road), at irregular intervals, provide a low level concrete step to allow pedestrians to climb and get off on to the other side.  There are possibly 3 or 4 on the entire stretch from South End signal all the way up to 45th cross signal.  There are 4 road crossings too.  Currently pedestrians can cross beneath the stations, but perhaps once the construction is complete, it will not be allowed.


1. Motor cyclicts and scooterists will try to use this "low" step to cut their travel distances in typical Bengaluru style, and cause accidents/inconvinience to traffic on the other lane.  Not sure that a high step or two steps is the correct answer to this madcap behaviour.

2. Metro and BBMP need to coordinate together and ensure that pedestrian crossing markings are laid out at these locations.  Since one or two of them are near the stations, there may be a need for additional BTP cops/signals to slow down/stop traffic to allow pedestrian crossing

3. Need to check out the planning for this in the areas with much heavier pedestrian density - be it Mysore Road, Magadi Road or Rajaji Nagar/


Pedestrian walkway beneath the metro line


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EMBARQ report on Indiranagar METRO station accessability

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Detailed report on walkable and Sustainable for METRO station

Has any thing changed with so many reports collected by the GOK officials ???

Even simple Skywalk connecting Yesvantpur METRO to Railway station for ONE Crore,  fight going between SWR and BMRC  inspite of having Venkaya Niadu and Sadanand  Gowda. comment guidelines

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