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Say no to road widening in Bangalore - Petitions

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40,000 properties in Bangalore are likely to be demolished to widen 227 roads by displacing 38,000 to 2 lakh people for private vehicles. Pedestrians have no footpaths to walk. Road widenings must be stopped. Homes, properties and livelihoods of the citizens must be saved. Roads should be accessible for all sections of society.

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Meanwhile an online petition has been launched to fight against the road widening project, where the citizens are demanding that all road widening activities be stopped. Also to appoint a quasi-judicial body to oversee all matters related to infrastructure development and to protect the interests of displaced tenants.

Click here to sign the online petition - Say no to road widening! 

The Karnataka Chief Minister’s Office or CMO which was one of the several recipients of the following civic grievance email has forwarded it to the BBMP Commissioner on the following date for necessary action.

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Original Message Sent Date
Fwd: Say no to road widening in Bangalore - Petitions
Wednesday, 7 July, 2010 12:51 PM
Chief Minister of Karnataka
Commissioner BBMP
Tuesday, July 6, 2010 1:43 pm


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road widening

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with regard road widening, I would like to submit as follows.

I am of the firm opinion that it will be meaningless to oppose all road widening projects;

It is very much necessary, to positively widen major commercial roads and arteries; but this should positively go hand in hand with making the roads signal free; rather roads identified as signal free corridors can be widened

of course roads through residential areas need not be widened;

considering this, we can obtain from BBMP, a list of roads which they propose to widen and offer our approval for widening only the commercial roads and major arterial roads and oppose roads through residential areas, if justified

many thanks

Srinath Heragu

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road widening

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Proper compensation to be given to the land loards. comment guidelines

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