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Jayanagar TTMC - Increase the parking space

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Does anyone know as to why there is ONLY one floor available for parking at the Jayanagar TTMC? The TTMC was constructed with Govt. funds, and should have provided more floors for parking, but instead BMTC seems to want to earn revenue by renting space for offices.


If additional parking were to be made available, and parking not allowed at the ground level for anything other than bicycles and emergency vehicles, it would improve the ambience of the Jayanagar 4th Block market immensely.

Jayanagar shopkeepers association and BBMP should jointly provide free transportation - preferably electric vehicles - from the TTMC around the Jayanagar BDA complex - covering 9th, 10th and 11th mains, as well as the arterial roads in 3rd block. This should be for senior citizens and for those with disability, or pregnant women etc

The shopkeepers association may be the one which will not want this...they would prefer the status quo, and encourage "customers" to park at their door step.  Getting over this mindset is very tough. Given this, BBMP and BTP should try out a "No parking" day once a week, for 3 months, and track the impact of footfalls through a professional agency. comment guidelines

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