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Public Perception Survey on Public Transport and Suburban Rail Service for Bengaluru

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Commuter Rail

Praja-RAAG is conducting a public survey on Public Perception about 'Public Transport' and 'Suburban Rail Service' in Bengaluru. It is a simple 10-point questionnaire requiring not more than 5 Minutes of your time.

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This is an online Survey available @

The results of which will be shared with RITES who is currently doing the DPR work for Phase-1A of the 'Bengaluru Suburban Rail' project.

I request all the Praja members to take this survey. Feel free to leave your comment here.


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It took me less than 5 minutes!

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It took me about less than 5 minutes ina nswering all the questions.

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Yes, took survey

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Looking others to participate in the survey and  request public who are regular use  of the trains services.

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We need more!

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Dear Prajagale,

We need more hands to take the survey. We are atleast looking at 1000 people taking the survey. More the better.

Please help us.


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Different tactic needed

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This survey is quite long and while the intentions are good, I would suggest a simple - sign this petition type of thing at

The survey is quite confusing, and who does not want everything: affordable, frequent, on time services that is safe/clean... This is a BASIC requirement!!!

We need a petition to throw out BMTC if they cant / wont provide this basic requirement. and I'm sure the concerned minister and the officials wont step down (AAP baiters - this one is for you!) after all this was their goal all along - make money to fill their pockets, ooops strike that, coffers and frustrate people (Achieved A++).

I received quite a few emails requesting me to sign petitions after I signed one requesting BMTC to start night services. Its so simple I almost never hesitate to sign anything reasonable. I even do the signing on my phone as it takes so little effort to click the 'Sign petition' button.


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It is coming!

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Watch out for the announcment on online petition which will out soon.

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