Petition & Suburban Rail Brochure in Kannada !

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Commuter Rail

@ Kishore Chandra  - Thanks for your help in translating the documents to Kannada.

Dear Praja members,

Here is the draft of the petition in Kannada addressed to MLAs for their support to Suburban Rail Service. Also attached is the Brochure in Kannada that can be sent along with the petition.


Petition to MLAs for Suburban RailKannada - Template.pdf153.49 KB
CRS-Promise-Brochure-Full-4Page-V3Kannada.pdf881.64 KB


We will send this to all MLA and Corp-orators of Bangalore

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Let the  MLa's and Corporators   make themselves aware  of this and   we will mail them.   

Present Govt is also going very slow on the Suburban Rail too.  Even though it wil help them to gain the confidence ot people before the  Parliment elections.