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Mr. Sood said "Bangaloreans treat traffic offences casually"

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Bangaloreans treat traffic offences casually

Violators reach dead end - Repeat Traffic Offenders To Pay Fine 800 Drivers On The List

The study shows that most of the violators are autorickshaw, maxi cab and goods vehicle drivers. They break traffic rules at will. Jumping signals top the list of common violations, with several autorickshaws and heavy vehicles not bothering to stop when there's a red signal.

 Additional commissioner of police (traffic) Praveen Sood said, "After the study, we realized that many people who've received a lot of tickets haven't bothered to pay fines. Also, our records show they were fined for the same violations again and again." 

A recent study by the traffic police on violators has zeroed in on 625 vehicles, which have been plying with more than 20 traffic violation tickets pending against them. 

The traffic police have found out that these drivers -- taken all together -- haven't paid for over 22,000 violations. 

It feels very bad, where are we in this advancing developing world. What are those Blackberries and Traffic management centers are doing, just sending tickets and sending again and again, that’s all, what about any action on this? Where are we heading towards? Doesn’t it seem too shameful when we have all the good technologies and still we see cab drivers fined for the same violation more than 20 times and still he is violating. I mean, something should be done, something very strict for once and all, so that people learn to follow rules. There should be some plan in handy for the violator apart from the fine, like giving warning after 3 tickets, seizing DL after 5 tickets, seizing vehicle after 10 tickets, strict action after crossing 20 tickets. 

At the end, one statement gives some hope atleast, just hope –

"We are approaching the court to issue summons to 800 offenders who haven't paid up despite sending notice to them," Sood added. 

As a Praja initiative, what we can think about as how we can have a meeting with Mr. Sood. Before that we should do some discussions among ourselves and come up with some suggestions to help Bangalore Traffic Control in restricting these violators.



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A suggestion to Mr.Sood

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I have already put this up

a. They have all the records on a computer database unlike in the past.

b. They need to ensure that insurance companies do not renew the insurance of any vehicle that has a fine pending against it. 

c. Soon they can share the violations data with insurance companies and the latter can charge higher premia for such vehicles.


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