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Enforcing traffic fines

Thought of this idea (may not be first!) to ensure people pay up their traffic fines.  It is based a few premises


  1. People generally insure their vehicles even if the don’t follow traffic rules
  2. They do this annually
  3. BTP seems to have built up a good database of traffic offences
  4. They stop spot fines and only issue notices. 

We need to bring in a law that people need to bring a “NO DUE” certificate from the BTP whenever they need to renew their vehicle insurance.  No “NO DUE” – no insurance.   

BTP can give a variety of options for getting this no due.  It can be online for those who have access to the internet and a printer, it can be got from Bangalore One, have a centre at select insurance offices, have a couple of kiosks at each police station.  They can outsource this to a call centre (only the printing). 

Once they do this, the next step is to also insist on a list of violations for that year to be attached so that the insurance company can adjust its premium based on the offence history.  So a double hit.  Won’t take long for people to fall in line.


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Todays DH-traffic fine collection from private vehicles pathetic

Read today's DH.

“We are sorry to say that people are taking our notices lightly. Last month our collection from private vehicles was somewhere around Rs 12,000. But these cameras have instilled some fear among the road users and not many venture to cross the line when the red signal is on,” said a police officer.

I think the above solution can get the collections up


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