Namma Railu Facebook page has a new URL now -

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Commuter Rail

New Facebook page for Namma Railu -


Changed the name to a simpler one so that while talking to people, announing it anywhere, we can have a simple name like http .... dash dash dash slash NRBLR

In coming public-outreach campaigns, it will be very useful.




The Namma Railu - BPAC connection (or disconnection)

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A delegation of 'corporate experts' went to Delhi recently to ask for more money for the Metro. See this news report. Half of the delegation comprised key members of BPAC. They don't seem to be even aware that there is a far cheaper and quicker solution in the CRS.

If the State and Central government listens to these people, maybe it makes sense to meet the BPAC people and educate them about CRS ?

Many of them have been apprised!

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At indvidual level many of them have been apprised about the Namma Railu proposal through formal or informal meetings, emails, petitions etc.

Agree, there is no harm in meeting them once more to carry them along for greater good.


Wrong people?

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More importantly inspite of being informed by Vijayan Menon if they are not bothered to even be aware of CRS they are keeping wrong company & are clearly not going to be doing the right things for Bangalore.

There is a mention of sub-urban rail!

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IDS, Vijayan,

There is a mention of suburban rail in the report - Sec 12.3.1, Page# 36.


CRS : Dismissed in 1 short line

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The sum total of mention of CRS : "Sub-urban commuter rail system to link up surrounding towns", with a map on page 87.

Obviously someone hasn't got the point, that the CRS is for intra-city transport as well as to 'link up surrounding towns', and is a far cheaper and faster to implement alternative to the Metro.

As against this, note the elaborate handling of the 'High speed travel corridor' in 12.3.3.

I also noticed that 12.3.1 says "Metro connectivity (Phase 1, 2 and 3) to cover over 250 kms by 2020 in Bengaluru". 45 km. in 10 years, 205 km.(costing Rs. 40,000 Cr.)  in just 6 years ?

Yes, some mention of CRS

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Yes there is a mention, i guess , but it is in the also ran category.

I do think , whatever mine or others opinion of BPAC  is, it must also be recognised that these kind of platforms/ forums are here to stay and one must deal with them .There is a whole bunch of civil society that looks at such platforms as lepers, untouchable, untalkable to and essentially that they are the "evil axis"

i know praja has a more balanced view of these things .So yes one must contact them/present to them.

But the approach over and above all the benefits of commuter rail ,

should be also

--An emphasis on the intra city aspect.

--Leaving a residual feeling that if they do not back this full tilt , they can and will be construed as a lobby for metro and huge expenditures only, pushing thenm further into the elite defintion.