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Saving Madivala Lake

Madivala lake is dying. I think there is a definite plan in trying to kill the lake. First the hyacinth - i just dont understand why the hyacinth is allowed to mushroom and cover half the lake at any point of time - is there a mafia? i have seen hyacinth being used to manufacture furniture and hence cant believe there is no demand for it. Why cant the authorities keep cleaning/deweeding the lake on a regular weekly basis.

Also the lake shore is in a mess - perenially dirty, clogged and used as a general toilet. Why cant the authorities fence the place properly and have guards to patrol the lake shore? Also, would like to know if sewage is being let into the lake? How do i find out that?

And finally a slum is being allowed to mushroom near the lake -- already a full fledged slum has come up behind the BTM bus stand and the footpath is now lined with shops which are beginning to start owing the edge of the road as well. Complaints to the BTM Police and Madivala police have not been to any avail and they refuse to even take cognisance of the issue.

I have no doubt that there is something amiss here. comment guidelines

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