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Segregating Pedestrians from Motor vehicle traffic

In To days Times of India the report of yesterdays accident in Indiranagar has been reported on the front page. The page 2 is fully devoted to the story. Mr. Karthik Somaiah stayed back in his friend’s house after a week end party, at Koramangala. On Saturday morning he was driving back at 6.00 AM, to Indiranagar. A security guard was cycling home after duty on the 16th main 100 ft road junction. Karthik trying his best to avoid the cyclist, lost control, of his second hand Honda accord. After hitting the guard he mowed down 3 morning walkers on the foot path. All the four, including the security guard, were dead.

I was a regular member of this Morning walk gang, headed by Dr. Pennathur a physician at Indiranagar for the past 40 years. I am yet to come in terms with the loss of Dr. Penathur and the other two of the gang who are no more.

Accidents are not intentional but do happen. If Kartik was driving not so fast probably he would not have lost control, which is beside the point. Kartik surrendered at the Shivaji Nagar Police station, by the evening. He faces a punishment of 2 to 7 years jail on the count of “rash driving and causing accident resulting in death”.

Accident is “something which happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, and which often damages something or injures someone”

Can we have the luxury of segregating the pedestrians from Motor vehicle traffic proactively? Can Cistup produce some PhDs on this subject? comment guidelines

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