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Water water everywhere

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Did you too notice a spate of water supply related news and announcements recently? Perhaps some influential  individual or minister has water on his mind. Have a look:

  • Yeddy plans a five year long Rs 53000 Crore worth project. That is big, its about the size of our state's full year budget! Key points to note: It will be a PPP. Sounds very ambitious, eagerly await to hear more on it.
  • Now, for an interesting contrast, contrast, the state govt will probe all work taken up by BWSSB over last five years. Unless they make institutional efforts to increase transparency of these projects, I am willing to bet that we will hear the same news again after five years :)
  • Change in plan on maintenance of lakes in Bangalore. BWSSB will be take over lakes in our city from nearly non-functional LDA. Expect a barrage of BWSSB tenders pretty soon.
  • Perhaps linked with the order to probe BWSSB's recent dealings, Govt will replace aging water supply pipes via a Rs 1200 core project

There are more small items here and there. But someone in Yeddy's cabinet is at it, perhaps Mr Katta Subramanya Naidu himself. Good developments if you go by the announcements, we will be watching for the follow ups.


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As expected, protests begin over 53000 cr project

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Activists protest over Water project - http://timesofindia.india... A super large project gets announced. It concerns lakes and water bodies, and its a PPP. No further details out yet. Naturally, words of protests are expected. Eagerly waiting for BSY to share more details about this project. Lets see if he already has a private party in mind here, or will he be bidding for private parties to join in. comment guidelines

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