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Petrol goes down - where do we go?

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Its all over the news, Petrol Price is down by 5 Diesel by 2. Expect a rush at all bunks tomorrow.

But, I fail to agree with the government here. I think this is purely a vote gaining tactic.  Right now, under the present Congress Govt. this is like giving a mild dosage of Paracetamol to try and bring down the fever!

Yes, international crude oil prices have come down, and so we - the people - must be re-imbursed in some way. But by cutting down the cost of petrol are we actually benefiting?

Here is such a drastic decrease in petrol price would do:

  • People would stop respecting it as a Limited Natural resource and avoid all the small things one can do like turning off your engine at traffic lights
  • Less respect for fuel efficient cars, splurge on the gas guzzlers
  • More the powerful cars, higher the desire to "rip" through the city
  • More two wheeler riders would prefer to switch to cars
  • More public transport users would go back to their bikes and cars!
  • Car Pooling, and related efforts are thrown to the backseat
  • Don’t even get me started on the increasing levels of pollution!

Now, I am not insisting that we pay the sky for the liter of gods nectar! But, let’s face it; we have started accommodating our budgets to suit the current price of petrol (before the rollback.) We are finding ways to get around it. Its not that we are all walking 10 miles to work everyday without shoes!

We are short of funds in many areas, such as infrastructure, enforcement and education being some. Here is such a good opportunity for us to raise some money to create a better environment. What if the price cut had been like this?

  • Cut price of Petrol by Rs 1/litre
  • 6 months later cut it by Rs 0.50/litre
  • 12 months later cut it again by Rs 0.50/litre
  • 18 Months later cut it by Rs 0.50/litre
  • .... 36 months later the 5 Rs/litre cut is achieved

Now you see by doing this here is what we achieve

  • Because the cut isn't drastic our minds work differently, we continue conserving petrol
  • Imagine the amount of money we will have to spend on infrastructure, public transport etc...
  • Initiatives like using public transport and car pooling will not be as badly affected
  • If oil prices rise again, the damage on the economy is less
  • No spurge of new cars and bikes to clog up our roads.


This government is not looking ahead, looking at the consequences its causing by its rash "quick cure" decisions. It is just trying to conceal the damage by not thinking ahead. I don’t believe that this government deserves to be elected another time unless we are promised some better leadership.

Our country is being taken for a ride. We are given pain killers and then we are thrashed around the park! The problem is we rarely tend to see these pain killer ideas that the government shoves down our throats and instead just swallow it!

What disappoints me is that I voted for this government. It has let me down. Their apathy, their diplomacy and inability to take the stand has made extremely frustrated when I hear any of the oldies in power speak! I don't see any reason to vote for them again. But, I don’t see anyone else capable of doing a better job. I sincerely hope we have a new front, a new leader who stands for elections who looks at the nation’s future and not some individualistic moron's future. I want change!



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Votes are a part of it..

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Sure, votes are a part of it - certainly one of the prime motivations behind this price cut. But it also has to do with 'stimulating the economy'. The cascading effect across all sectors in the economy is going to be huge. This is one of the attempts they they're making to get things back on track.

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Diversionary tactic

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This is to console the anger against the govt due to the terror strike. Ps. 50 or Re. 1 will not give any shock value and will largely go unnoticed. It has to be big enough for people to talk about.
Think about how many times such a big hike of roll back has been effected in the past comment guidelines

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