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Bangalore Transportation Summit - Praja participation

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Public Transport

If you have not already heard about the Bangalore Transportation Summit being organised by BMLTA and Transinnova, please refer to the announcement on BMLTA's site. The program for the event is available here.

BMLTA has been kind enough to give us an invitation to the summit. They have extended the invitation to 5 members from Praja. Please leave a message if you wish to participate. As usual, if there are more interested people than places, we will give preference to active praja members. The event is scheduled tomorrow so please act quick.


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I will go

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I will be attending the event.
Muralidhar Rao
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Can I join?

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I would like to attend
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I will be there representing BCIC and supporting Praja

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Hi All

I do not want to use up valuable slots of Praja. I will be there representing BCIC, and supporting Prajagale.



Devesh R. Agarwal

Visit my aviation blog at

Bangalore Aviation
Enjoy life, destroy FUD
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I am interested

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I am interested. I dont know if my previous message reached. Apologise for the duplication




Would like to be there

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I would want to push for bifurcation of South Western Railway into an exclusive Zone for Bangalore and it's surrounding region, called "Bangalore Metropolitan Railway". The idea is to have an exclusive railway zone catering to the needs of Intracity and Intercity and suburban rail for Bangalore. The main intent is to campaign for establishment of Commuter and Circular Rail for Bangalore.

I am interested. Please let me know if i can fit in.

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Excellent! Can come Thursday if there is a slot.

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Unfortunately, I am way at Pune on work. Or else, would even have bunked work to attend it. If a slot is open on Thursday (Sep 11), I will attend that day's sessions.
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Final list

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Here is the final list.
  • Murali772
  • Psaram42
  • Srkulhalli
  • Mcadambi
  • Silkboard (only 11th)
If some other active member can attend both days, I guess silkboard will be happy to make room for them.
Devesh is in from BCIC.
Hope you all with have a wonderful time rubbing shoulders with all the transportation big wigs!


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Transport Summit

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what are the timings on 11 th

I may try to join in the evenings if possible


Srinath Heragu

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Comments on Day 1

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This comment has been moved here.


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I just came across this

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I just came across this thread - I didnt know about it but may have liked to attend. I am pessimistic though, of any good coming out of it. Frankly a short drive around Bangalore would convince you of the fundamental problems. Its not that there are too many vehicles - but the management is awful. 1. Footpaths need to be made walkable. 2. Traffic lights need to be introduced at several places In fact, I have noticed recently that whenever there are cops manning a signal or junction there is utter chaos. Cops should be used to enforce laws - parking, driving on wrong side etc. Let the signals be mechanized. 3. Several roads should be made one way or with limited access. 4. Traffic MANAGEMENT is the key - some thought needs to be given to the choice of direction of roads, one waying etc. so as to minimize intersection and optimize flow. The way I see it there is no real thought given to this. Elsewhere I have discussed my suggestions for improving Malleswaram traffic - that is just one area I am familiar with. I am sure every area can be dealt with in a similar fashion. Local residents should be consulted in the planning as they are most familiar and most affected. Anyway, I suppose this is just another rant. comment guidelines

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