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Trees at risk in present day Mysore

Cutting trees for road widening - Save Trees
Development is an essential part of progress, without it no country can move ahead. Therefore, we cannot stop development. But this doesn't mean that we don't think about the environment. The Development is important, whereas trees are valuable to the well being of Mysore residents. Do we have to make a choice between these two? Why can't they co-exist?

The MCC is planning to develop Narasimharaja boulevard, commonly called as Lalitha Mahal Road. But this is holding a threat to Guard Room that provided a grand entry to the majestic Lalitha Mahal Palace. There is a proposal to do away with the structure and clear trees. The MCC has submitted a petition seeking the forest department to cut down 144 trees that line up the lane from Rana Pratap Singh Circle to T Narsipur junction.

Indian trees are an integral part of the culture and heritage of the country and they are referred as the green pearl in the Indian crown.

Money Does Grow on Trees
Increases property value
Increases salability
Reduces air conditioning costs
Reduces heating costs
Cost-effective privacy and sound buffering
Produces fruit and nuts
Take care of your trees today and you could be planting some more money in your pocket tomorrow.

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