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JNNURM funds being (mis)used

Dear All, especially Mysoreans, Hasiru Usiru and all those wonderful people who are concerned about nature are trying their best to save Lal Bagh and its trees.

Paradoxically, the Mysore City Corporation has requested permission from the Forest Department to remove 123 well grown trees between Race Course and the Arch on the Lalitha Mahal Road  also known as Narasimha Raja Boulevard that has a dream road with well grown shade giving trees that drop beautiful flowers on us while taking a walk.


/"What is ironical is the corporation council had cleared a proposal last year declaring 1-km area around the Lalitha Mahal Palace as “restricted zone”. The road on which the 123 trees are proposed to be axed falls in this “restricted zone”. The proposal was passed to check proliferation of high-rise structures in the area. But the same authorities are now seeking permission from the Department of Forests to remove a large chunk of greenery which cannot be easily offset through planting saplings/.

Question: Can JNNURM funds be used/misused to destroy verdant greenery of a heritage city in the name of widening the road?

Proposed solution:

- Please do not destroy greenery because MCC itself has declared that 1 km area around Lalitha Mahal is 'restricted zone'.  It will create an irrepairable loss to the greenery that has a pride of place in the hearts of nature loving Mysoreans; there will be opposition from all quarters.  

(MCC has proposed a public meeting on World Environment Day on 5th June 2009 near the Arch on Lalitha Mahal Road to discuss this very proposal) - /asking for trouble?/)

- Please plan for a tunnel road - double decker - between Race Course and the Arch on Lalitha Mahal Road

- plan for strengthened magic boxes as an alternative method - use such facilities where there is scope for saving verdant greenery in Mysore.  

- Please do not convert Mysoru into a Bengaluru.

-  Anything above ground will result in either cutting well grown trees or pruning large branches of verdant greenery.  Cost should not be a factor compared with the destruction of nature because the world is concerned about carbon sinks and these well grown trees are such a natural facility. 

- MCC has shown a high concern for maintaining the fair name of this heritage and green city of Mysore in all its earlier endeavors and has been spending so much of money for improving the greenery and it will not augur well for such a responsible body to bring up such proposals in public domain because it will unnecessarily create a disturbance in the mindset of sedate Mysoreans and also the fair name of MCC will get smudged.

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