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Will those days ever come back

An old friend from Girgaum (densly populated South Mumbai) found me on the web. I left Girgaum in 1991.
But his e-mail or part of it is worth a ponder - 
yaar atleast we used to play cricket with 2 teams of 5 each if not more... now you get to see een meen & teen children.... more cars/vehicles less of children playing...

Atleast I tell Vamakshi (my daughter - 12 yrs) to go down and play instead of playing computer games or watching TV... if nobody is down there she cycles on her own....

Remember we used to hire cycles from Dubash lane (Rs 2 for 1 hour) on sat and sun evening.... everybody racing and playing...

Dabba Ais Pais, Chor Police, Aba Dubi, Goti, Badminton, Volleyball..... I wonder if we will ever see our kids play the way we did....

I must add, we also played badminton, volleyball, Kabbadi, Langadi and Khoko (and inter-galli cricket matches was common in that part of the world which produce Gavaskar)


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Will Those days ever come back?

We can live only in the present, dreaming about the past and expecting a better future. Best of luck Doc psa comment guidelines

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