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Driver Education DVD now available

Dear all,

Some of you are aware that I have produced 17 driver education videos about a year ago. All videos are posted on Praja and can be seen online. The videos now have over 100,000 online views and are available on a DVD. Every week I get requests for the videos to be supplied as a DVD. Given that I am currently working abroad, it became very difficult to sustain sending out DVDs (over a hundred were sent out free).

The Save Pune Traffic Movement recently through funding from its own members have made copies of the DVD. About 800 are on offer in Pune for just Rs 10/- if picked up in person.

Approximately 50 copies are reserved for people outside Pune. DVD will be sent on not for profit basis and hence cost Rs 30 (though production cost was Rs 33/-) plus courier and packaging (total amounting to Rs 95/-).

Those interested may download DVD request form and do the needful.

Please send me a separate e-mail when you request a DVD so I can follow up if need be.

Anyone interested in making similar arrangements in your city, please feel free to contact me.  


PS: An additional note with regards above arrangements

To get a copy I request you to follow the following steps to get your DVD.
  1. Please open the DVD request form.
  2. Please complete the bottom half and send the DD for the given amount to the specified address.
  3. Once the DD is received, the DVD will be sent out as soon as possible
  4. I request you to note that this activity is coordinated by a group of busy professionals. To help save time, DVDs will be dispatched on a once weekly basis.
  5. Once the DVD has been sent, an e-mail will be sent to you.
  6. Please confirm by e-mail once you get the DVD so that we can track the transaction as 'complete' on our database.
  7. The DVD should be used along with the FAQ available on
Please note:
There are only 50 DVDs marked for distribution out of Pune. These will be issued on a first-come-first serve basis. The DVD label will show details of any involved sponsors. These sponsors would have funded part production and distribution of the DVD within Pune for a special price. Unfortunately we cannot extend this price to people outside Pune city limits currently.
The entire cost break up given in the invoice note is on a not-for-profit basis. Our busy professional lives does not allow us to find out individual courier charges for each town/region. The best available estimate is used. As a general rule, DVDs sent within Maharashtra will have a courier charge of Rs 40/- while those sent out of Maharashtra will cost Rs 55/- (a total of Rs 95/- including packaging)
It is likely that some of you may get the DVD for slightly less than actual cost, while others may end up paying a few rupees more. I trust majority of you won't mind this and appreciate the spirit and the principle we are employing.
If you note any manufaturing faults, please write to or feel free to write back to me. 
Finally the terms of using the DVD are simple - 
  1. Use it for personal gains
  2. You may share it with friends and families (a small number of copies may be made).
  3. However to ensure the integrity of the project please -
    • Do not make mass copies
    • Do not charge people for any copies you make in personal capacity
  4. You may use the DVD in conducting road safety awareness workshops provided -
    • You do not charge anyone
    • You clearly attribute the credits for the DVD to its author
    • You have sufficient knowledge and understanding of subtle points made in the DVD. Please read the FAQ, any relevant links and articles on as well as the British Highway code (where possible I will attempt to help by offering links or information if you have any burning questions.
If you wish to seek inspiration, please visit the Save Pune Traffic Movement Website
Look forward to hearing again from you and also getting your feedback on the DVD.
Warm regards
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DVD torrent ?


One way to make DVD distribution easy is by making a torrent out of it. This is a very useful (and perfectly legal) way to share large files. Many organisations use this method to distribute videos (most famous being BBC iPlayer).

This would mean that anyone can burn a copy of the CD/DVD at their convenience and you do not have to mail the discs.

Let me know if this interests you. I can help you with the technical front and some 'help text' for users.



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creative commoner

doc, one way to spread the good news :) would be to see if local cable operators can do something about it. you could think of a creative commons license. that is, as long as they show the credits it is fine. also if possible, perhaps local DDs can be given a try as see if they have any humanity left. also, see if atleast theaters can be bought in to. i know coca cola pays money. but short 1-2 minute clips now and then if they can show as filler material during morning shows why not? doc go for creative commons.
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incorporating it into the licensing process

I feel that the videos should be incorporated into the licensing process. When a learner's permit is applied for, along with the handbook the CD containing the video must also be given. To help those who do not have access to computers/video players etc. DD should broadcast this at pre-defined times of their convenience. Ultimately it should be the candidate's responsibility to see the video and acquaint himself/herself with the rules. (whether they actually see the video or learn about it's contents through another party we cannot control but more the people seeing it and helping others out the better). Based on the video, questions must be asked and driver must demonstrate some of the techniques during the road test for licensing (the official will randomly pick techniques that the candidate should demonstrate). Traffic videos must be included as part of the school/college curriculum because these are the most impressionable minds who will be the folks most likey to change very early and that too before they begin their driving foray.

If somebody questions about the costs involved..well..we pay taxes & secondly...every life saved as a result of this video makes it worthwhile.

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Happy to try out ideas

Hi! The videos can be now downloaded with the latest Real Player plug in. This was an entire collection can be put on a DVD but in compressed format with loss of some resolution.

I will be interested in exploring Torrent provided its free - my total video file size comes to 2gb.

Problem is that I gave analysed my  blog using Google Analytics. Maximum traffic is from IT hubs of India (Bangalore, Hyd, Pune,). Hardly any traffic from Hindi speaking belt. In fact I have more traffic from US.

The copyrights note is more to avoid misuse, it is in spirit equal to CC as anyone wanting to make copies of the DVD can do so (its only mass copying that needs to be run past me). In fact currently all videos are watermarked at the edge (just like how TV channels have their logo) because a copyright note at either end of the video is too easy to splice off.

The focus on DVD is because it offers better quality, inter-active menu for use in workshop type training, no hassles with buffering and possiblity of reaching non-internet users (majority of our population outside IT hubs and main cities won't be on internet).

Movie halls / cable TV / DD etc - are fine ideas but being miles away difficult for me to make headway with.

A marathi translation is close to finishing, I will follow it up with Hindi.

Thanks again for everyones support and input.


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Local involvement

As for as education of the public, taking the help of the local Lions Club or Rotary Club, would be a good idea, no? That way, people who are already on the roads, but do not have this education, would also be covered. comment guidelines

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