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Signature and lobbying Campaign for a smooth start to BIAL !

To All the Well Wishers of BIAL, Greetings !

It is time all those who wish to see BIAL starts functioning from May 11, to come to gether and start a campaign that could pull all the starings that we can, right from PM, Congress Party President, Governer, Civil Aviation ministry, DGCA, AAI, BIAL, BBMP, anybody and everybody that matters for BIAL.

Let's start a signature campaign and send letters/appreciations/coaxing if needed, political masala where needed etc. The objective is to see that all the pending works are finished ahead of the Re-Scheduled Launch date for BIAL.

Here is my suggestions for this campaign:

Volunteers/Citizens who are based in Bangalore,

1.File RTI for Info on ATC readiness

Under RTI Law, File a request for all the information related to approval and licensing w.r.t both airports GHIAL and BIAL. This should be requested from DGCA, AAI and Minsitry of Civil Aviation.

I am sure if there is any politics, this will spill the beans and everybody knows the consequences. Elections in Karanataka are not too far.

2. Honor and Appreciate BBMP Commisioner and Chief Engineer for Magic Box Technology Use

We should give the credit to BBMP for completion of Cauvery Underpass in 35 days. Encourage them for their attitude to do something instead of usual way...We can't do much. Honor them with some momento in a public function. This will encourage them for doing more in other projects on time. Also impressed them to make the other roads also ready before the May 11 date.

3. Pettion to PM:

Collect signatures for about say 10k, with a written petition to Prime Minister for his assistance in directing all the

govt. authorities for speedy completion of all works. Also Make a request that when he goes to BIAL for inuagration, to take the NH7 road instead of Helicopter or other meanse. That itself will put pressure on BBMP for eraly completion of road works on NH7. Do mention a appreciation for his hard work and all that he has done for India.

Remember Karnataka is under Central Rule.

4. Petitiont to Sonia Gandhi

Petition with Signature campaign for her help in pulling the strings and direction for speedy completion. Do mention about the political imporatnce that can make in Elections.

5. Petitiont to Governer

Petition with Signature campaign for his esteem help in pulling all the strings and direction for speedy completion.

6. Petition to Praful Patel

Petition with Signature campaign for him to get the DGCA and AAI act together for keeping up teh date with MAY 11. Do mention about the political consequence if we miss the date thsi time. Hoe he understands consequences Congress and its UPA allies can have in upcoming elections in Kranataka.

7. Letter to Rajaya Sabha Chairman, Mr.Rahman Khan

Request his assistance in using his office for helping in expediting all the works for BIAL commissioning on May 11.

8. Letters to all Karantaka MPs

Letter with signatures apprising them about possible delay and step motherly treatment given to BIAL. Do mention the politics of favoring GMR and link to Reliance's complaints w.r.t priviatization of Delhi Airport.

Let's tentatively put a date as March 25 for sending all these letters.

Since I live in USA, I will start writing to all these persons directly on behalf of all the people from Karnataka and also try to muster support from Karnataka organizations in USA like "Kannada Koota" .

Open for all suggestions, criticisms, brick-bats,.................

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maybe you can post the letters here for signatures. emails will perhaps carry most. good luck
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Can somebody pass on the Postal address for BBMP Commissioner?

Can somebody pass on the correct Potal address for BBMP Commissioner?

Please let me know if the below given address is correct or not?

Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike

Narasimharaja Circle,

Bengaluru - 560002. comment guidelines

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