Disciplined Driver's Club

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Project number:3952
Opened by:Bheema.Upadhyaya
Opened on:Tuesday, 30 November 2010 - 12:40am
Last modified:Monday, 8 October 2012 - 5:04pm
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This is the project group to design and run a campaign wherein participants would take a pledge to be disciplined drivers, and then display a specially designed vehicle sticker to show and spread the message. Join this project if you want to help do the work to promote this campaign, like:

  • Design stickers, and also an online pledge form
  • Print a stock of stickers
  • Mail them to those who take the pledge
  • Grow the campaign with more practical and creative ideas (sponsors, events etc)

Note: This is NOT the Disciplined Driver's club (DDC) itself. If you want to join DDC as pledged disciplined driver click on this link . This project is for folks behind the DDC campaign who would shape and run it.

Check how did this project originate?

Related post regarding a honking standardization is here


[Project created on behalf of Bheema/IDS/Santsub.]

@SilkBoard, @Sathya

Today, one gentleman came to me and told that he wants to pledge as DD. And he said that he has registered his name in DDC (http://praja.in/ddc). It seems he was waiting for sticker, never arrived.

I guess I still have a bundle of DDC sticker with me. Can you send me list of people who are waiting for stickers? Hope there are no large numbers..

Let us list all pedestrian danger zones

Pedestrian Infrastructure

Bheema, hope you don't mind me posting this in the DDC project. I was thinking that we list down all pedestrian danger spots that we touch daily in our commutes. 10+ new flyovers or underpasses on Outer ring road, but only 1 pedestrian bridge (near K R Puram). Its getting worse, with no visible plans. I am scared that I will knock down a pedestrian one of these days.

Removing tint - A fun for family

Last week end was a special activity for my family. Duel purpose ! Abide law, have fun..

You know (my) kids always like distruction !!! So gave them opportunity to "destroy" tint from my good old car. So they go take revenge against me, for not getting them a new car.

DDC coverage in DNA newspaper


Some coverage for DDC in DNA:

APAD - Non-Lane driving - Result declared


 Location: NICE Road(Is that right name, or free-ad for Kheni saab?) , Hosur Road Junction(Clover Leaf), E-City Phase 1

Time: 11-Mar-2011 @8.25am

There is no need of explanation. We were blocked because of this accident. Perfect result of non-lane driving. Both drivers should win award(???) for non-lane driving. Police was busy in "negotiating" with parties.

DDC Quiz - 2

 Its heartening to note the participation of DDC project members. I wish non-DDC project memebers but pledgers too get notification of this quiz somehow and participate. Plus I welcome other DDC members to post own quiz as a new project blog.

Now Q2. Does not mean that Q1 is over. Its open ended always, so be free to take Q1 too. Its a quiz of principle and ambiguity. 

DDC Quiz - 1

Well having practiced for few weeks now DDs must have come across various situations scenarios. Whatever I faced , I am asking you as quiz so that we know how a DDs would react to specific scene. For example today, I came across a scenario which I am asking DDs , how would you react.

What is making you...?


 We know being a DD is not easy but doable? Many times we are tempted/forced to break rules and behave rude. I am sure every DD has come across, so I have few questions. Let us know what is your experiences on this?

1) What makes you really change lanes though you are at right speed and right lane?

2) What makes you honk though you are a DD.

Stickers sent to first 25 DDC Pledgers


 Thanks DDC Pledgers,

First 25 pledged members have been sent DDC stickers. We know stickers are not so user friendly for pasting in car bumber. You may find little difficult, please bear with that. 

1) Ensure that you practice disciplined driving else your sticker will be like any other fancy sticker. 

APAD <25/01/2011> Lane driving, but wrong :)


I am sure everyone sees usually. But wanted to record here. Also tried to track owner using btis.in but none of KA51 registrations are searchable. Location Koramangala. in Kripanidhi College signal. Vehicle is entering from 4th block side. Time approx 8.45am.

Acknowledge! (once you get DDC stickers)


Hi DDC Pledged drivers,

Some myths about disciplined driving/drivers


 I was thinking to clarify certain points to people who wanted to join DDC, just to clarify about myths/ wrong beliefs/feelings they might have come across.

Meet-up for DDC project planning

25 Dec 2010 08:00
25 Dec 2010 09:15

 Hi DDC Project Team,

The meeting is to just to discuss the project and get car bumper stickers in person

Venue: Freedom park (Old Central Jail), Date: Dec 25, time: 8 AM.


DDC Handbook for powered 2-Wheelers

This wiki is extesion of current traffic rules/regulations/norms. So common driving rules not mentioned. Please obey rules in general , plus take note of following points as tips and tricks

a) When stuck up (not while moving) traffic jam, inform concerned via mobile phone that you will be late, if you have deadlines.

Disclipline Driving Guidelines for Bangalore Conditions

  Suddenly I have felt that I was focusing on myself, my vehicle type , and my road (Hosur Road mainly) while I was narrating my experiences of lane driving. I felt I have poor vision about other driver/driving  conditions, vehicle size etc.

APAD, what next?


 So we are ready with following ideas for DDC 

1) Drivewell Day-DWD - In progress

2) Stick It to Show - SIS  - In progress

Pledge for discipline driving. Stick various messages to display how a pledged driver is dedicated to drive well. 

3) A Picture a Day -APAD - In progress

APAD - A Picture A Day, Traffic Indiscipline


Submit motor vehicle traffic violation pictures/video that you would have clicked from your personal camera/phone here. The title of your comment has to read APAD - <date as DD/MMM/YY> - <some text>

[PS: Help on how to insert a picture, via flickr, or directly]

Task - special landing page for DDC


Some of us are thinking about doing a special landing page for Disciplined Driver's Club (DDC) campaign. Think of a page like praja.in/ddc (warning, the page isn't there yet). The page will have a pledge form, and more features like upload pictures, forward the pledge etc. Starting this post more as a task to track this DDC landing page.

Links to related blogs


 Here is the list of related links for this subject, just for quick reference

DDC_Banner.jpg13.32 KB
DDC Pledge Guidelines.doc245.5 KB



unfortunately if u follow rules in india people will honk or scream at u

Giving way for ambulance

I wish to narrate a personal experience. There was an ambulance waiting near to move near the veeranapalya junction (fly-over is under construction) on the ORR near Hebbal and Manyata Tech park. At the fly-over construction junction, three lanes become two and there is congestion and a traffic light on top of it. The ambulance was stuck on the right side and I was on the left lane. When the traffic started, I did not move my vehicle and thus let the vehicles on the right side move and I hoped they would move to the left and allow the ambulance to pass.

  For this to happen, hardly five or six vehicles were on the right side and the delay is probably around 30 seconds. In the meanwhile, a auto and truck driver behind me started shouting though I held my stand and did not budge.

  It did have the intended effect as the ambulance go to move faster as a couple of cars moved to the left and stopped.

Was my action correct? If so, how to educate the truck and auto drivers regarding the rules. We should probably have booklets printed in kannada/hindi and hand it over to the auto driver/truck driver unions for further distribution. Maybe we should have sessions with these drivers and explain rules using models/presentations. Would it be a feasible approach?

Thats whole idea behind this DDC

 Main idea of this project is to develop self discipline first, hence the pledging form to be filled before DDC members points other drivers. So its me and you who should practise first, then others (If you are already doing, my thumbs up to you !). You can see my experiments here. Why not you come up with your way of implementing self discipline and blog your experience here? I am sure it would inspire others as well.

Thanks a lot for being active here, we will work together ! 

" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"

Positive attitude towards driving

People who drive vehicles should have a positive attitude towards driving by letting others also to drive, value for others’ time, avoid driving on the wrong side of the road, and follow the lane discipline.   Since the general public is not self disciplined, discipline need to be enforced.   Any violation of law that is causing disruption to traffic should be viewed seriously and punished severely. In Bangalore the problem is not the increasing number of vehicles or the narrow roads but the decreasing number of disciplined drivers.

Can we pls think about one

Can we pls think about one message a month (or something similar)? Sounding like a broken record probably, but I think it'll encourage more participation.

Start with small!

Start with one simple campaign. Build some energy around it and put it to action.  There will always be similar ideas that can be build around the initial one.

Lets go full steam with this "Discipline Drivers Club" sticker campaign for next 3-4 months and see what the tangible outcome would be.

 we cant go about creating a

 we cant go about creating a disciplined pedestrain club 

Why not?

i think we need to add


   i think it must be a DDPC a disciplined driver and pedestrain club .. as both are key to road saftey we cant go about creating a disciplined pedestrain club separately please give some thought to this ..



Let me pay for some stickers, and I can take care of mailing logistics. Let me know how else I may be of use.

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