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OMG this Traffic at silkboard!!!

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This may not sound convincing at first go, but I think bare truth.

Problem: Elevated flyover-The whole purpose of the 9 km zoomway get defeated when traffic starts from silk board and propagate till kudlu gate make everyone on flyover standstill, and people curse themself for paying toll. Also Bommanhalli signal traffic traverse till silkboard, and delay people approaching  toll way

Solution: Clear the bottleneck, there are 2  here , silk board and bommanhalli

Silk board: multi arm flyover  (east –west)needed on top of silk board existing (north-south) flyover, with arms connecting across from new to existing to facilitate traffic from Ecity to reach outer ring road and other way. this has to be integrated with future metro plan.

Bommanhalli: The elevated tollway is underused and utilization could have maximized by providing one arm coming down (and going up )after bommanhalli near oxford/Garbebhavipallya. Agree that toll owner would find it ridicules giving something for free, but it’s in interest of overall city and also of toll users.

Also Bus change from rupen agrahara to silk board(ORR) need to be made easy for mango people so that they don't need to walk 1 km to change bus .

The best evidence of flyover working is small ones which is useful from many angles (watch the stretch between Sanjaynagar and Bellary flyover)  and not unidirectional long flyovers. comment guidelines

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