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Ideas for Bangalore - 2

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Development of parks & gardens on either side of Devanahalli Airport Road:

The road from Devanahalli Airport to the city is about 31 Kms long. Already it is noted that a lot of commercial establishments are beginning to spring up on either side of the road, thus leading to rampant & throat choking commercialization. So it suggested· that an environment friendly zone be declared for about 2 Kms to 5 Kms on either side of the Devanahalli Airport Road all along the road up to Hebbal flyover· plant tress and lay nice gardens (with colourful flowers & with suitable night lighting) like Brindavan Gardens on either side of the Devanahalli Airport Road; if possible nice well lit water falls with water falling in cascades can be created at suitable places on both sides· completely prohibit any type of Commercial Buildings in this environment friendly zone. Thus any air passenger who is visiting the city will be offered a visible treat of breath taking scenery & beauty immediately on his arrival. This will greatly improve the tourist potential of the city.
Tips for Design of fly-over:

It is found that all fly-overs in Bangalore, invariably have traffic lights leading to stoppage of vehicles. The very purpose of a fly-over is to eliminate stoppage of vehicles. This can be achieved by elimination of traffic lights on fly-overs and allowing for free movement in all directions.

In fact for free movement of vehicles on flyovers it is necessary that

- there shoud not be any traffic light or signal light on flyovers

- there should not be any traffic light or signal light below the flyovers

- there should not be any traffic light or signal light in a vicinity of 1 Km from the flyover.
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reality is that every square inch of land there near the airport and on its way is worth so much money - nobody even the government wants to part with it for nature or beauty! They would prefer to have a billboard, shop/complex/mall something to make money of it! Interesting though - can we somehow invent trees that act as billboard stands? So instead of putting up billboards we can put up trees?
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very generic tips

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Sorry srinath, but these flyover tips are very generic. Its easy to say that there should not be any light below or 1 km before the flyover, but tough to implement. The reality is that for dense city like ours, flyovers are not a good idea. Flyovers, in most cases, move the jams to next nearest choke points, thus making fewer large jams as opposed to multiple small jams. In dense city areas, you want local traffic to move in manageable batches. You do this by having synchronized signals and traffic lights at regular intervals. To go with above, you need to separate short distance traffic from long haul traffic. This would be done via a few signal free or long distance elevated corridors. Flyovers are useful only when you have an unmanageable junction (5-6 roads merging) where leaving traffic one direction at a time will make others wait too long. Or, flyovers are useful in creating long distance signal free corridors, ex: make east loop of ORR signal free via 4-5 flyovers/underpasses. In most other cases, in-city regular road flyovers give you the illusion that they helped, but they don't.
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The Flyover Problem

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Flyovers unless constructed after carefully studying its impact, will actually move the traffic congestion to its surrounding traffic junctions.

The Rammurthy Nagar under pass on ORR has exactly done that, it has reduced the traffic congestion at the Rammurthynagar Main Road - ORR junction but has increased the traffic congestion at Hora Mavu junction (on ORR) and at KR-Puram. Before the the flyover was constructed, it would take around 3 minutes (1 signal stop) to cross the Hora Mavu junction, now it takes 9-12 minutes (3-4 signals) to cross it. At the KR Puram jn - which was already bad - its become horrible. Basics of Queuing Theory :)

The ORR between hebbal and KR-Puram is an ideal stretch for implementing synchronized traffic signaling system.

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bangalore road corridors

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There was a talk of implementing road corridors in bangalore in 2005..some work started on it but nothing much..lets list somethings happening now..
1.we have experimented with instant underpasses
2.we have metro work started..though I feel it will be ready by the time I have arthritis
3.we know the bottlenecks that much better
why not reviev the signal free corridors which can compliment the metro..and using the mupass(magic underpass) 
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radial corridors vs inner core ring road

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Sri, this corridor idea has since been dumped (from what I hear), and the idea finding favor is that if inner core ring road (ICRR). I prefer north-south and east west corridors over ICRR, my reasoning - Bangalore badly needs quality radial roads to get you in and out of central areas. If we had such corridors, connectivity to new airport wouldn't have been a problem. All those inter city/state private buses ferrying people out of the city wouldn't have to mingle with auto rickshaws or race with BMTC buses with their loud horns. All those slow trucks carrying goods and services to central areas of city wouldn't have to struggle in the dense city traffic. Let us take the flyover discussion to a new thread. I will make a post in few hours.
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Odd designs of Dairy Circle and Jayadeva Flyovers

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Dairy Circle and Jayadeva Flyovers are full of odd designs and the National College Circle is even worse.

From any road, in a 4 road junction, a vehicle can move in 3 directions - Left, Straight or Right. Totally there are 4 roads and there can be 12 combinations of movement of traffic.

An effective flyover should address all these issues. Dairy circle flyover can address only  4 combinations of uninterrupted traffic and Jayadeva in a different way can handle only 4 combinations to ease the 'contractors' work by the Government.

National Cicle Flyover is even worse will address only 2 combinations whereas there was a necessity to address 16 combinations since there is Jain College Road also.

Domlur flyover although delayed has been designed to address all the 12 combinations, although it is confused by motorists who can read but cannot understand the directions.

Dairy circle flyover can be modified to handle 12 combinations, but Jayadeva cannot be modified because of its odd design. Don't know how mono alignment is going to take place on Bannerghatta Road and Bannerghatta Road and Ring Road junction.

But, major problem is the construction of flyovers and underpasses will cause the problem for the construction of MRTS network using Metro / Mono. Metro can go underground, but Monos are designed to do so. Government should quickly prepare a master plan for Metro and Mono Network and should take the design of flyovers and underpasses based on the alignment of Metro / Mono. Metro/Mono should be given prominence over flyovers and underpasses, since flyovers and underpasses will only increase and attract the motorization. 

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CRR also dumped

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SB - Noted.

However, DH coverage of the BBMP budget mentioned that since CRR was unviable, elevated roads within CBDs were being planned.

So, I think the CRR is also dumped !

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hai I appreciate you going 

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I appreciate you going  thru' my suggestions but these tips are not generic; there is no way that signal ligts can be justified at a flyover; rather if these generic tips are implemented, the real utility and meaning of flyover will be realized and felt. in fact I would suggest one more. for any flyover, for a distance of 1 kM on either side and on all sides, there  will have to be no signal lights; thus shifting of traffic jams on either side of the flyover can be avoided. further it will do good for BBMP / BDA to identify arterial roads or expressways north-south and east-west. these roads should be at least have four lanes on either side. these exressways should extend throughout the length and breadth of Bangalore for a distance of 25 Kms to 30 Kms. these roads should have beautiful flyovers at a distance of every 5 Kms (flyovers without any traffic lights). there should be sufficient number of underpasses for pedestrians. these expressways should have connection to other major roads. these expressways should be cemented or RCC throughout. IT companies hould be allowed to set up shops on either side at a minimum  distance of 150 ms from the expressways. this patch of 150 ms should have green cover. IT companies should be involved in maintianing the beauty of these roads. if existing roads cannnot be converted into expressways, building (except monuments and endangered trees species ) should be demolished. thus all major traffic can be diverted on these roads.
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Bellary Rd, honge sompaagi ...

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There are atleast three threads on which i could have posted this, but i will post this here, since srinath sir was talking about greens on the bellary road. looks like the palike has gone one step ahead and tied in glare from opposite side, air and sound pollution to beauty and aesthetics. even piped roots they are planning.
blrsri, can you help identifying the tree species? i know you have been singing honge sompaagi chiguruvudu chenna for a while ...

BBMP plants an idea for Bellary Road makeover

Krishnaprasad, The Hindu

Here is some good news for those distressed by the felling of trees and mounting of concrete structures on Bellary Road. The BBMP, under fire for cutting many old trees to widen Bellary Road (Ramana Maharshi Road) to improve connectivity to the new airport, is coming out with a scheme not just to grow trees but also to naturally reduce noise and air pollution besides reducing the glare of the headlights of vehicles moving on this stretch.

Under this beautification and anti-pollution project, the BBMP is preparing to plant 800 saplings of various species — mainly of those which remain green throughout the year and yield colourful flowers. Planting will commence soon after the completion of ongoing road widening works from High Grounds junction to the Hebbal Flyover.

BBMP’s Deputy Conservator of Forests Shekhar told The Hindu that plant varieties such as jacaranda, lagerstroemia and tabebuia which grow about 10 to 15 feet tall, will be grown on the left side of Bellary Road from Sanjaynagar stretch till Hebbal flyover. Long lasting shrub varieties such as ixora, nerium and nandi batlu will be planted in the median of this stretch.

Anti-pollution shrubs
These shrub varieties, which have oil glands, will absorb the suspended particles from smoke emitted by vehicles and thereby reduce the air pollution, pointed out Mr. Shekhar.

Besides, these thick shrubs will also absorb noise and protect the drivers from the glare of the headlights of the vehicles coming from the opposite side. Dwarf trees will be grown in between the shrubs.

Akash Mallige variety of trees will be grown on the left side of the road from Golf Course till Windsor Manor junction. A sapling will be planted every 5 metres and will be protected by a tree guard. The project is likely to cost about Rs. 12 lakh to Rs. 16 lakh. It might take about two to three years to see the result of this exercise by the BBMP as a sapling would take three years to grow.

Root control
Mr. Shekhar said that the project has been prepared based on the advise of environmentalist A.N Yellappa Reddy, who suggested various measures to protect environment apart from growing trees in consultation with BBMP Commissioner S. Subramanya. The air pollution could be reduced by 40 per cent under this project, added Mr. Shekhar.

Meanwhile, in an effort to prevent haphazard growth of roots of these roadside trees, the BBMP will insert a pipe along with the root of the plant into the soil so that the water supplied does not flow horizontally. This method well control the growth of the root and ensure that the roots grow vertically downwards thereby preventing damages to the pavements and road, he explained.

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lets make Bangalore beautiful

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one sure way of making bangalore beautiful is to make it green and clean and lots of space between buildings; we can do definitely use Singapore as an example; the notion that there is no space in bangalore is a misnomer.

to start new areas can be laid with trees on either side and regulate the growth of buildings by having a minimum distance between them and segregating residential and commercial areas.

it should be mandatory for new apartment complexes to have 50% area for greenery & recreation apart from ample parking areas for the apartment owners ad their guests. if required some essential shops like medicine shops, milk shops and grocery shops can be provided in the apartment complex itself.

as i have suggested before, before it is too late, all the roads leading from BIAL to the city should be lined with trees on either side without any commercial establishments anywhere along the roads; aritficial water falls and good lighting arrangemnets can be prvided along these roads.

the powers that be, like BDA / BBMP etc. should lay all telephone lines, optic fibre cables, tv cables, power cables, water pipe lines under the ground.

all roads throughout the entire length and from one side to another side should be cemented with no mud or bare earth being visible. either there should be concrete or grass

to remove road jams, we praja members can sit down and start identifying three or four arteries in N S & E W directions and make them completely signal free and wide enough with 4 lanes on either side.

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cables a huge eyesore

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Cables hanging all over the city seem to be such a ainful sight. They also are a danger to a passerby! All Electric cables untill the house should be made underground. we must have enough ducts to access these cables so we dont dig up the road again and again. What we need to do is do ONE good MODEL layout - with all amenities and also create a model of how citizens can participate in the running of thier layout/nagar. Once it proves useful it will be a vote winner for any politician prmpting him to implement this strategy.
Narayan Gopalan
User Interaction Designer
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