APAD <25/01/2011> Lane driving, but wrong :)

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I am sure everyone sees usually. But wanted to record here. Also tried to track owner using btis.in but none of KA51 registrations are searchable. Location Koramangala. in Kripanidhi College signal. Vehicle is entering from 4th block side. Time approx 8.45am.

No need to mention, there was chaos and traffic jam for 7 mins. Courtesy:  KA51M****. You have earned 7 min* 20 vehicles = 240 wasted mins or 4 valueable morning working hours. Are you paying?

Madiwala Police: Are you seeing this? Just watch out there. I am sure 30% all vehicles violating there. If you stop them for offense, you will create a traffic jam due to sheer numbers :)



Treat this as another APAD thread

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Dear readers,

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APAD - No explanation needed

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See how driver has used his skillset to "swalpa adjust maadi"(kannada:  ಸ್ವಲ್ಪ ಅಡ್ಜಸ್ಟ್ ಮಾಡಿ) - the tagline of Bangalore) to available space :)

Where there is will there is way . so where is there is <little> space,  we squeeze..


" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"

Railway crossings

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The phenomenon shown in KA51 picture can be seen by the railway crossings almost everyday.

Whenever the gate is closed, u see vehicles from bothsides filling the road on either sides.. With little thought that when the gate opens, you need to leave space for vehicles from the other side to go, otherwise, you are hurting urself...

APAD - Autos at Bus stops

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The below is a photo of the christ college bus-stop on the other side of the college.
Here, you see bust-stop is exactly where the auto is standing, that is not going anywhere, its waiting for the passengers. This is not the first kind of scneario, I have been seeing autos standing just at the bus-stops, where ideally a bus should stand. In this picture, also the bus can be seen going to the left to stop after the bus-stop, taking the whole diagonal left to go to the left lane only after the bus-stop.



APAD - Bus in mid of road inspite of a sheltered stop & bus bay

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Have a look at this picture, this clearly indicates how bad the scenarios are in Bangalore. Where we have the resources we are not using them.

This picture is near the BEL.

(1) A good bus stop with the shelter is seen, but all empty, no person waiting at the bus-stop, all standing somewhere else.

(2) Bus also not coming till stop, it also stopped where people were standing.
(I have a better example if people still don't want to understand this indiscipline, Does train while coming in the station stops where people are standing or it stops at its designated stops and then people run for their coaches?)

(3) The condition of the footpath, I won't say its great, but its there and good enough for walking.

(4) There is a proper bus-bay also, if the bus driver understands this minimal thing, then he can avoid a lot of traffic pile up behind him during peak hours.

Looking at this, we really need enforcement at strictest level until the poeple start understanding the "right of way" and "to respect others". I know we all are educated, but I think, we deserve it.

APAD - Arrogant Cab in the middle of the junction at RED

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See the cab standing fully in the middle of the junction when its FULL RED.

Scene taken at the Maharaja junction in Koramangala.

I have taken the picture from my car, when I am at the front and see how far it is from the stopping. And then it caused nuisance to all the other vehicles passing by which has the GREEN light, It didn't had simple respect and sense for the road and other vehicles that atleast come back a few inches and make way for others.

APAD - check out this hero!!!

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He's parked almost in the centre of the road (facing Vishnu Uphaar, S T Bed layout, K'Mangala), blocking even part of the side road - picture taken at around 10AM on Saturday, 16th April. And, it remained that way for close to half an hour.

And, if it was not for a Saturday, it would definitely have led to traffic jam.

Muralidhar Rao

citizen policing

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I forwarded links to the above two posts to Mr Sood, and he responded saying he was initiating action against the offenders, while also suggesting as below:

Mr Rao-in future you can load such violations directly on our facebook and tell all others to join Bangalore traffic police facebook

As such, while we have as proactive a person as Mr Sood as the Addl Commr, traffic, why not use the opportunity to instill some discipline amongst the citizenry?

Muralidhar Rao

That's a great offer Murali Sir

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Yes, that's a great offer, I will definitely involve in more citizen policing, making sure the number plate is shown properly in the photo.


I have posted one such indiscipline

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I have posted on the facebook page about one such indiscipline.




mainstream media takes note

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Do you have a traffic woe and don’t know how to tell the authorities about it? Log in to Facebook and share your problem on the wall of the Bangalore traffic police.  - -

For instance, Deepak Vijayvergiy tagged a photo of a BMTC bus parked in the middle of the road with the caption: “Please have a look at this pic, taken near the BEL bus stop, instead of having such a good bus-bay and sheltered bus-stop, buses are stopping in the middle of the road”.

For the full report in the ToI, click here.

Good work, Deepak!

Muralidhar Rao

Citizens participation taking momentum

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Yes, more and more people are logging on facebook and posting pictures tagging BTP pages, it will atleast bring a few violations in the notice of BTP and we might see some difference as well.


another hero

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Picture taken at 12.29 PM on 28th Apr '11 at 5th cross, 12th main, HAL 2nd stage, Indiranagar (adjacent to Corporation Bank). As can be seen, the car (KA 51 WB 81) is parked just to the "right of centre" of the 5th cross, and almost at its junction with the 12th main. With two banks in the vicinity, the place is quite busy, and the vehicle parked this way would have caused enough irritation to many road users.

The driver, apparently the owner, seemed in his 40's, well educated, and was carrying a brief case. For such a person, this kind of behaviour can be termed most irresponsible. I would recommend nothing less than suspension of licence for min 3 months, plus a deterrent fine.

Muralidhar Rao

Can we link this project to

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Can we link this project to Bangalore Traffic Police page on FB?

It will be a good idea, if not already done so, and if that is the case shall I do so? I feel more members and awareness can be brought to this project.

Kindly advise.

Ramesh Menon

Link for BTP on FB:


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